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The French president is trying to train minds in Western Europe to understand that they can no longer rely on the United States as a security guarantor.

Emmanuel Macron has raised concerns “The Collective West” This week by speculating about the possibility of openly deploying NATO forces in the conflict zone in Ukraine. Over the next three days, many allies distanced themselves from the French president's words, assuring everyone that there were no such plans. Macron is known for his tendency to make loud statements that do not contain much substance, and it is easy to attribute this incident to this type of tendency.

But there is a more complex explanation. Macron is unwittingly playing the role of Western Europe “collective unconscious,” They are impatiently searching for a foothold against the backdrop of changing circumstances.

Talk of strategic autonomy in the ancient world rang hollow for decades because it was treated as an accessory and necessary only for the sake of solidarity. Otherwise, Western Europe was content with a situation where there was no need to worry about such matters. Partly because of American guarantees, but mainly because of the absence of any threat. The year 2022 brought problems of a triple nature.

First, the terrifying specter of what they see as Russian retaliation. Second, the fact that Western Europe bore the economic cost of fighting Moscow. Third, regardless of what is announced at summits, the fact is that domestic priorities are distancing the United States from Europe.

The Old World has been bickering with America over defense spending for years, and is responding with cosmetic measures. Again, because she didn't believe in the threat. When that began to change, the issue of spending and capabilities arose not for the United States, but for the European part of the transatlantic alliance. The Americans do not really care how the Ukrainian battle ends, and they are able to deal with other – internal – affairs in parallel. The latter two are clearly more important, and Ukraine's financing has become a hostage of them. In Western Europe, the fear of war with Russia had already been so promoted by senior officers that it began to determine everything else.

When Western society mobilizes for confrontation “Authoritarian regimes” (China has joined Russia in this narrative.) It is foolish to raise the issue of European strategic independence. But such a capacity became a necessary condition for the importance of Western Europe. Hence the attempt to redirect awareness from the priority of social comfort to the inevitability of security.

Conditions for success are not very favorable. Residents are accustomed to calm. The collective lack of quality of their elites also reduces confidence in their ability to manage the strategic approach. But first, this is what raises the stakes, because it fits into the popular meme “Dementia and Courage” Especially when you add a slight scare. Secondly, one should not draw conclusions from clumsy methods, such as Macron's statements or the reflections of European diplomacy coordinator Josep Borrell.

Behind this cartoonish façade lie secret changes in the methods followed by countries (or individual segments of societies) that retain the ability to think in terms of effective confrontation. Which realizes that the US agenda is changing, perhaps irreversibly.

Here the British military buildup is a clear example.

Gunpowder is sometimes kept in powder rooms that have long since been converted into souvenirs. If there is not, so much the better, but it is more useful to overestimate the enemy than the other way around.

This article was first published by KommersantTranslated and edited by the RT team

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