How does Du Huaili view the news of four “troublesome” security incidents in Talhawa, Gaza? | News

Military and strategic expert Major General Fayez al-Duwairi said that fighting is raging in the Tal Hawa area southwest of Gaza City, and that the fighting there is no more intense than that taking place in the east of the city. Shujaiya Neighborhood.

Analyzing the military scene in Gaza, Du Huaili played down the Israeli media announcement about the transfer of three soldiers injured in the fighting in Gaza, which came shortly after the Israeli media announced four “difficult” security incidents encountered by the army in the Tal region and the Hawa region.

According to the preliminary data released, military experts believe that these difficult events led to the deaths of soldiers Qassam Brigades andQuds BrigadeThe two military factions of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) andIslamic Jihad.

He noted that these statements will be followed by the release of videos confirming the credibility of the resistance factions, noting Israel It was forced to announce losses of personnel when an ambush was successful or an effective combat action took place because it anticipated the Qassam video and announced casualties.

According to this, Al-Duwairi said that in addition to the deaths in the difficult security incidents, there could be an average of 6 to 8 casualties, some of which were serious, but ruled out the possibility that the number of casualties was only 3, as the Israeli media said.

He said he did not take Israel’s military statements seriously, recalling multiple claims to disband the Qassam Brigades in the northern Gaza Strip, before confirming that he assesses the resistance by their performance on the ground.

Duwari also quoted the remarks of Qassam spokesman Abu Ubaidah in his last speech to Al Jazeera, in which he said that Qassam Brigades had restored 24 brigades in various regions. Gaza StripIt also reinforced its defensive capabilities, stressing that the personnel capabilities of the brigade are very good.

According to Du Huaili, the Qassam Brigades have thus financially and humanely restored the combat effectiveness of its 24 brigades, with combat efficiency estimated at 80% of that before October 7.

Military experts warn that Talhawar has witnessed multiple incursions as it is on the brink Nezarim Axis But he added that the battalion's commander had a wealth of information about the occupation, especially a forward-looking read on the third phase of the war.

He concluded that the resistance movement, led by the Qassam Brigades, could determine the intention Occupation forces It sets future targets by monitoring communications, tracking ground movements and the intensity of incendiary bombs, thereby determining the direction of future Israeli operations and preparing for them before they begin.

Du Huaili also pointed out that the third phase of Israel's war on Gaza was related to the occupation, noting several factors, such as the emergence of resistance leaders, administrative arrangements or information about tunnels or detained prisoners.

Last night, Monday, Israeli media reported that four “troublesome” security incidents against Israeli troops had taken place in Tel al-Hawa, while Al Jazeera journalists reported that an Israeli military helicopter had briefly landed on the Netzarim axis, believed to be to evacuate the injured.

In turn, the Qassam Brigades reported that they had detonated an anti-personnel device against six Israeli soldiers in Tal al-Hawa, killing and injuring them. The group also announced that it had targeted an Israeli infantry unit in the Chalihat area west of the Tal al-Hawa community, killing and injuring its members.

In the same area, Qassam also destroyed a military jeep with artillery shells.”Yasin 105On Al-Sinaa Street, an Israeli personnel carrier at roundabout 17 in the same neighbourhood was also hit by a “Shawaz 3” device, while a “D9” bulldozer on Al-Rashid Street was also hit by a “Shawaz 3” device.

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