How to beat the first boss

Knowing how to beat the first boss in Armored Core 6 is something you’ll want to know before you get into combat – the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter presents quite a challenge despite being one of the first enemies you encounter in the mech game. based game.

As a FromSoftware game, it’s not surprising that Armored Core 6 arrives with a challenge, but its first boss might be too difficult for some, leaving them unable to progress through the game. It may be the first time you turn on the air conditioner, and when you encounter a powerful enemy, it can seem very difficult.

Below, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to beat the first boss in Armored Core 6 – so be sure to keep reading if you’re having a hard time with the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter.

  • While you can’t customize your machine to fight with PCA helicopters, you’ll definitely want to check out the best versions in Armored Core 6 for each boss next.

How to beat the first boss in Armored Core 6: PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter Strategy

The main strategy you will want to use to defeat the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter boss in Armored Core 6 is Attack boost (L3) towards him and hit twice with pulse blade (L2/LT).

While that doesn’t mean neglecting your right-arm and shoulder shooting options – because you’ll want to use them whenever they’re available too – wielding the power of the Pulse Blade will be key to ending this fight.

In addition, while the Pulse Blade will be key to destroying the first boss, Try to stop using it if the tartar is almost full. This can be indicated by the yellow bar at the top of your aiming circle or at the top of the screen, once it’s full and the enemy staggers it will turn red.

This reeling allowed All attacks are “direct hits” and therefore deal more damageSo it is highly recommended to use the pulse blade here to secure as much damage as possible.

Core 6 HC armored helicopter attacks

An image of the PCA combat helicopter attacking the player in Armored Core 6

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In terms of the attacks you’ll need to watch out for from the HC, the main attacks you’ll have to worry about are its missiles, of which there are three types:

  • Rocket 1: Small missile barrage, enabling tracking
  • Salvo 2 missile: Larger salvo, enabling tracking
  • Heavy missiles: Several heavy direct missiles, without tracking

The two missiles will come from the tips of the helicopter’s wings, while the two heavy missiles will come out from the front of the helicopter.

There is no wind on any of these missilesThey fire without warning, but the missiles themselves are rather slow, so you have to have time to get out of the way and avoid them.

You can Use quick boost (Square/X) to get out of the way, but we also highly recommend Using vertical to avoid these missiles also. This is particularly effective with a salvo missile as its tracking cannot keep up with the vertical motion.

Aside from the missiles, you’ll also have to deal with gatling weapons, but they don’t do much damage and are largely avoidable by distance. Just make sure of that Watch your ataxia – because you don’t want to become immobile while helicopters are charging a heavy missile.

So, that’s all you need to know to defeat the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter in Armored Core 6, where the first boss in the game can be a real challenge for new and experienced players alike.

Be sure to check out the Armored Core 6 homepage for more instructions and tips to help you with your Rubicon missions.

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