Hundreds of protesters tried to reach Netanyahu's headquarters in Jerusalem

Hundreds of Israeli demonstrators attempted to reach Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's residence in West Jerusalem to pressure the government to reach a prisoner swap deal with Palestinian factions.

Yediot newspaper said that hundreds of Israelis demonstrated near Netanyahu's residence on Gaza Street in West Jerusalem and tried to go to the headquarters, but dozens of demonstrators in Tel Aviv blocked them, demanding a swap deal and, according to the same source, trying to close a section of Ayalon Main Street in the city center.

In the city of Netanya, hundreds of Israelis demonstrated at the city gates, holding up a large banner that read “Enough, destructive government.”

Earlier on Sunday, Netanyahu said the plan, approved by his government and welcomed by U.S. President Joe Biden, would allow Israel to repatriate prisoners without compromising other goals of the war.

According to official Israeli reports, indirect negotiations have resumed between Israel and Hamas to reach an agreement on a prisoner exchange and a ceasefire in Gaza.

Mediation efforts led by Qatar, Egypt and the United States have been trying for months to reach a deal between Israel and Hamas that would guarantee a prisoner exchange and a ceasefire to ensure humanitarian access to the besieged areas, but have been hampered by Netanyahu's refusal to respond to Hamas' demands to stop the war.

Since October 7 last year, Israel, with the support of the United States, has launched a devastating war against Gaza, which has resulted in the martyrdom and injury of more than 125,000 Palestinians, most of whom are children and women, and the disappearance of more than 10,000 people amidst massive destruction and famine.

Israel continues to wage war in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions to immediately cease the war and of the International Court of Justice’s orders to take steps to prevent acts of genocide and improve the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.

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