I asked my wife if she would save me or her son if we drowned, and her response shocked me

Obviously, saving your partner isn’t the most romantic and heroic thing you can do, after all. A viral video with over 5.6 million views of the New York actor caused a stir.

What is the default protocol when your wife asks you who you would save if she and your stepson drowned? If you answer your wife, you may find yourself facing the threat of divorce, according to @dhawks_’s video.

Dawk in the car. (Instagram/Dawex)

Dux, who says he has been married to his wife for 10 years, said he asked her if he was drowning and her son was drowning too, which one she would save. He said his wife said she would save her son. However, when she asked if Doakes was going to save her or her stepson, he said he would.

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“She started to get upset and say I had to save her son,” says Dux, who remembers the interactions.

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He continues, explaining that he told her: “I love him only because I love you. If we had a child together and he was of my blood, it would have been different. I do not have that attachment to your son that you do.

Although this may sound harsh, the essence of a stepfather is to “step”. They may be getting into a situation, they may not have been there the whole time, and they can’t fully relate, or as he puts it.

“I still love him,” Dawes added, “but you mean more to me.” This does not mean that he does not love his stepson. He just loves his wife more.

Dohawkes and his wife are said to be in the middle of the divorce process. Dux touches on this topic only briefly, yet we can’t help but wonder if this hypothetical situation played a small role in the decision to separate.

DHawks concludes his video with a few questions: “Was I wrong when I told her how I felt? Or should I have kept it to myself and told her what sounded nice?”

Remember that scene in “Baby Boy” when Jodi tells Yvette he’s lying to her because he cares about her? Should DHawks have lied to his wife instead of telling her how he really feels just because it seemed cute? When is lying acceptable?

It is not clear if he regrets answering it, but he concludes with the following question:

“If you were me, what would you say to her?”

How do you handle a situation like this? With such a sensitive subject, can you plead for the fifth? Be politically correct and try to save both, or will you reason with your partner and try to get him to see your point?

Duhoex explained his reasons to his wife, but was that enough? When it comes to children, there’s nothing a biological parent won’t do for them, but a stepfather may not be 100 percent invested. Did they have to discuss how closed he was or how unrelated he was to her son before marriage?

The idea here is not to make assumptions unless you’re ready to be completely honest. You never know how things will turn out or how people will see your words. Stay safe and live in the moment.

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