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Hungarian PM comes under fire from European Commission President Charles Michel over rumours he plans to visit Moscow

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has defended his peace efforts after a senior EU official criticised his alleged plans to travel to Russia.

Media reports have speculated that Orban, who visited Kyiv earlier this week and urged Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky to consider an immediate ceasefire, will visit the Russian capital on Friday.

European Council President Charles Michel condemned the alleged trip, claiming in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday that despite Hungary holding the rotating presidency of the European Union, “It has no mandate to deal with Russia on behalf of the European Union.”

“The European Council is clear: Russia is the aggressor, Ukraine is the victim. No discussions on Ukraine can take place without Ukraine.” The senior bureaucrat added:

During his weekly interview with Radio Kossuth on Friday morning, Orban rejected the idea that he should not compete for peace.

“What I do looks like a negotiation in its form, because we sit at tables and discuss issues, but we don’t negotiate.” It is to explain. “That's why I don't even need a mandate, because I don't represent any party.”

Hungary is aware of its relatively limited political influence and expects the bigger powers to eventually hold peace talks to end the conflict in Ukraine, he added.

“But we can be a good instrument in the hands of God, and we can be a good instrument in the hands of people who want peace.” The Prime Minister added.

The Hungarian leader said opinion polls showing EU citizens in favour of continuing to support Kiev did not accurately reflect their attitudes. He added that ordinary people were concerned about the economic cost of the conflict because EU taxpayers' money was being spent on Ukraine.

Orban neither confirmed nor denied his plans to visit Moscow during the interview. Another pro-Kiev politician, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, had earlier expressed disbelief that the Hungarian leader would make such a trip.

“The rumours about your visit to Moscow can’t be true, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, or can they?” Asked in X post.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered Kyiv a ceasefire in exchange for Ukraine abandoning its bid to join NATO and withdrawing its troops from Russian territory it claims. Kyiv has insisted it will not accept any outcome that does not allow it to control all the territory it considers Ukrainian.

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