International media: Gaza’s babies and their mothers are paying the price of war twice News


International and Israeli newspapers continue to follow developments Gaza StripThe New York Times highlighted the suffering caused by Israel’s war on Gaza on babies and their mothers, while the Jerusalem Post said rockets continue to fall into the Gaza Strip… Israel Although ground operations in Gaza continue.

The New York Times touched on the suffering of pregnant mothers and babies in Gaza, saying that mothers and babies are paying the price of the war twice, first as victims of bombing and second as victims of the collapse of the Palestinian regime. It also quoted the United Nations as saying that at least 50,000 pregnant women found themselves hostages in the war.

The “Jerusalem Post” stated that although the Israeli army has made progress in the northern Gaza Strip, considering the number of rockets fired into the northern and southern Palestinian occupied territories yesterday Monday, rockets are still falling in Israel. It is worth noting that a large number of alarms were sounded because it is difficult to predict how missile fragments will spread when they fall.

The French newspaper “Le Monde” stated that Gaza City was in pieces, as if a blind giant had trampled it all, adding that a month ago, the Israeli occupying forces launched indiscriminate bombings on Gaza City in search of enemies. Hiding among civilians led to its almost complete destruction.

Although the Wall Street Journal saw that Israel is preparing for a new round of fighting in the southern Gaza Strip, which is expected to face fierce resistance, it quoted Israeli military officers and analysts as saying that the Israeli army’s control of the northern Gaza Strip is “relatively easy.” But it did not succeed in destroying Hamas and eliminating its leaders.

The US “Capitol Hill” published an article accusing President Biden of being responsible for the bloodshed in Gaza and calling on him to immediately stop the war. He also believes that if Biden can stop the war today, he can stop the war. Want to put pressure on Israel through the card of arms and financial aid.

As for the Politico newspaper, it said that six humanitarian organizations met with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan yesterday Monday to urge him to call for a ceasefire in Gaza to facilitate the delivery of aid to the people, but he responded that the US government refused and was working on Seeking interim solutions to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

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