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iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have significantly reduced weight

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max weight

In the world of flagship smartphones, weight is becoming a growing concern as devices include larger batteries, improved heat dissipation systems, and improved camera capabilities. Users often find themselves grappling with the unwanted stress of carrying around a heavier device for extended periods. However, the tide seems to be changing with the expected release of the iPhone 15 Pro series, which aims to balance advanced features with user convenience.

Recently, flagship smartphones have come close to the 200g mark, which has caused some users to experience discomfort during extended use. The iPhone 14 Pro Max, often humorously referred to as a “tacky half machine” due to its 240g weight, epitomizes this trend. However, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max sparked a wave of excitement by addressing this huge concern.

Contrary to previous rumors of even greater weight gain, Apple has managed to achieve a significant weight reduction in the iPhone 15 Pro series. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro loses 15g, dropping from 206g to a more manageable 191g. The weight of the iPhone 15 Pro Max also sees a significant decrease, from its previous 240g to 221g. This incredible feat was achieved through the innovative use of a new titanium alloy mid-frame.

The impact of this weight loss should not be underestimated. With its large 6.7-inch screen size, the iPhone 15 Pro Max promises to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable user experience, especially during prolonged use. The weight reduction is complemented by an expected increase in battery capacity, which adds to the attractiveness of the device.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max weight

Interestingly, going after a lighter device doesn’t mean compromising on thickness. While the thickness of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will increase from 7.85mm to 8.25mm, this change is unlikely to bother most users. Given that many individuals choose to use protective cases for their smartphones, the increased increase in thickness is unlikely to be a major point of contention.

With the anticipation of the iPhone 15 Pro Max on the rise, it is reasonable to expect this device to gain more attention and appreciation from consumers. Ditching the “half-pound machine” moniker could boost sales, as Apple has addressed a common criticism that has hindered adoption of previous Pro Max models.

In conclusion, it seems that the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max is preparing to usher in a new era of pioneering smartphone design that prioritizes user comfort without sacrificing technological advancement. With remarkable weight reduction achieved through innovative materials and an unwavering commitment to the user experience, this device could become an industry leader, beating out those who previously shied away from its heavier predecessors.

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