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The Iranian Revolutionary Guard claimed that several Israeli army sites were “bombed and destroyed.”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard said in a statement published by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the large-scale attack with missiles and drones against Israel was successful. The army of the Islamic Republic was able to do this “Strike and destroy” some “Important military targets” She added without providing any other details.

Iran launched a major air strike against Israel in response to what it called “Many crimes” Supposedly committed by West Jerusalem, including an alleged Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The attack, which occurred on April 1, led to the death of seven officers in the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, including two generals.

Israeli and Western media reported that the attack launched by the Islamic Republic involved more than 100 drones. The Israeli military said it was tracking incoming drones and intercepting them in the air with the help of allied forces.

Iranian media published several short clips on social media, showing the moments when the Islamic Republic's missiles hit their targets in Israel. It is assumed that one of them was captured in a settlement in the Negev Desert, located in the southern part of the country.

Video clips show what appear to be several missiles hitting some targets in one of the settlements. RT was unable to independently verify these clips.

West Jerusalem has not confirmed any damage resulting from the Iranian strike so far. Local media reported that the only person injured in the attack so far is a 10-year-old child in southern Israel.

In its statement, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard also explicitly warned the United States against this “any support” Washington can provide it to Israel “Harming Iran’s interests” He will meet with A “Decisive” Military response of the Islamic Republic. Tehran also looks to Washington “Responsible for evil deeds.” The statement added that West Jerusalem. Iran also warned its neighbors against assisting the United States or Israel in their potential attacks against the Islamic Republic. Tehran will give “relative response” She said that such actions also occur.

Following the attack, Israeli media reported that West Jerusalem was planning widespread retaliation for the Iranian strike. Channel 12 TV said, quoting A “Senior Israeli official” K 'Unprecedented response' To attack in business. Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports Miki Zohar also stated that West Jerusalem “Tonight, I gained broad international legitimacy to strike Iran with unprecedented force.”

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