Iran votes to settle presidential race between Jalili and Pazikish | News

Iranian voters headed to the polls on Friday to cast their ballots in a runoff to a snap presidential election that could see a reformist candidate emerge victorious. Masoud Bazeshkianfacing his reformist opponents Sayyid JaliliThe first round of matches, held on June 28, failed to produce a clear winner.

About 61 million people are eligible to vote for the late president's successor Ibrahim LacyHe died in a helicopter crash last May.

Polls open at 8am local time (0430 GMT) and close at 6pm, with voting typically extending until midnight, with final results due tomorrow (Saturday).

Representative Masoud Pezeshkian received about 42.5% of the vote, while former nuclear negotiator Jalili received 38.7%. There were two other candidates in the first round of voting.

Turnout in the first round was unprecedentedly low, with more than 60 percent of voters abstaining from voting in the early presidential election.

Approved by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic Ali Khamenei On Wednesday, the day before yesterday, “turnout was lower than expected,” but he said, “it is completely wrong to think that people who did not vote in the first round are against the current regime.”

The president is considered the second in Iran's power structure after Supreme Leader Khamenei, has the final say on all strategic matters and is also the supreme commander of Iran's armed forces.

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