Iranian Foreign Minister: The resistance movement is controlling pressure wisely and is not using all its capabilities. News

Iranian Foreign Minister stated Hussein Amir Abdullahian Resistance groups in the region are “wisely” managing pressure on Israel and its supporters, repeating his warning not to open new fronts in the current war if Israel continues its massacre of civilians in Gaza. Gaza.

Abdullahian spoke of “pressure” steps against Israel and said “the resistance still has capabilities that have not yet been used,” Iranian state media reported on Sunday.

The Iranian Foreign Minister stressed that if Israel continues to commit crimes and massacres against Gaza civilians and efforts to stop these actions are unsuccessful, new situations may arise in the region and “new fronts will be opened in the war.”

He added that, as he said, in addition to the Lebanese front, the resistance movements in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are taking steps to support the Palestinian people, while diplomatic efforts are focused on stopping Israeli aggression, providing assistance and preventing… forcibly displaced For Palestinians.

Since the outbreak of the Gaza War, Iran has repeatedly warned that Israel’s continued implementation of “genocide” will lead to the expansion of the scope of fighting in the region. Abdullahian emphasized that the United States “will not be immune to this fire.”

For the 44th consecutive day, the Israeli occupying forces launched a devastating war against the Gaza Strip, killing 12,300 Palestinians, including 5,000 children and 3,300 women, and injuring more than 30,000 people, 75% of whom were children and women.

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