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One of the most famous Quran reciters is Ismail Murtaja, a Gaza Quran reciter born in 1913. Gaza Strip Who has read Al-Aqsa Mosque Mubarak famously read from the book on Near East Radio during Ramadan.

Growth and childbirth

Ismail Muhammad Suleiman Murtaja was born in Gaza in 1913, where he grew up and memorized the Quran from books.

Learning and scientific training

Murtaja moved to Egypt to learn the science of the Quran Al-Azhar MosqueHe became famous in Egypt after completing his studies there and taught many students, the most notable of whom was Sheikh Mohammad Rifaat.

After returning from Egypt, he taught his students the intonation rules of Tajweed. Omari Mosque.

A group of scholars emerged in the second half of the twentieth century to study with him in Gaza, including the Mufti of Gaza, Sheikh Abdul Karim Kalot and Sheikh Muhammad Qusa.

In 1954, Al-Azhar College was established in Gaza, and the Islamic University came into being in 1978. Sheikh Ismail was one of the first to work at the college, providing qualifications for what would later become Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Near East Radio Staff, Palestinian Media - Yafa48 Website
Near East Radio staff (Jaffa 48 website)

Broadcasting experience

Near Eastern Radio opened in 1941, recruiting local and foreign readers.

Murtaja was one of the reciters assigned by the radio station to recite the Quran at B headquarters.Jaffa andJerusalem During the 1930s and 1940s, his readings were broadcast daily on the radio.

after Palestine was occupied in 1948. The radio station and its two branches were closed, and the fate of these audio archives and audio heritage was the same as many treasures of Palestinian audio archives, looted and lost.

For example, some of the Palestinian recordings he collected in the 1930s british mandate– Music historian Robert Rachman It ended up in the Israeli National Archives.

In addition, dozens of phonograph records made by the “Beydaphone” company for Palestinian male and female singers in the 1920s were lost, and only two records of “Rajab Effendi Al-Akhal” were preserved in the archives of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin, and then the “trophies” were taken to Soviet Union (1945, returned to a unified Germany in 1991.

There is also a large portion of recordings that Israel looted in Lebanon in 1982, considering them “war trophies” and storing them in Israeli military archives.

And after the surgery Al-Aqsa FloodThe Gaza Islamic Resistance Movement was launched on October 7, 2023 (agitation) About Settlements Gaza CoverThe Israeli occupation deliberately targeted and bombed archives and historical offices, including the library of the Gaza Ministry of Manuscripts and Antiquities, which holds the archives of several prominent employees and scholars, including Ismail Murtaja.


Sheikh Murtaja lived in Gaza, devoted himself to Islamic education and studied in the mosque until his death on March 18, 1983. Shujaiya Neighborhood In the Gaza Strip.

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