Israel bombs southern Lebanon, killing 9, Hezbollah targets military bases and factories News


Nine people were killed today on Tuesday, including two journalists and a… HezbollahAs Israel bombed southern Lebanon, the party said it bombed a base, a military factory and an Israeli intelligence unit.

Al-Mayadeen Channel mourns “journalist Farah Omar (25) and photographer Rabih Al-Maamari (40) who were martyred by dangerous Israeli attacks” in southern Lebanon .

The Lebanese Army said in a statement that “two journalists from Al-Mayadeen TV and a citizen were killed in hostile explosions as a result of continued attacks by Israeli enemies on the southern border areas.”

“Three citizens were killed in hostile bombing in the Tel Hafa-Jebim triangle area near the Israeli border,” the official state news agency reported.

Later, the Israeli army announced that its soldiers “acted against the threat posed by the missile launch zone of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Jaban area.”

“We are aware of the allegations regarding journalists who were killed as a result of Israeli fire in the area,” the military said, noting that the area “is witnessing intense hostilities and exchanges of fire are taking place.”

An Israeli attack on a house in the border town of Kafkira before noon on Tuesday killed an 80-year-old woman and injured her granddaughter, a Syrian citizen, state agencies reported.

Occupying forces repeatedly target journalists reporting on developments in southern Lebanon (Anatolia)

target a car

The agency reported that in the Tyre region, “Israeli enemies targeted a car,” killing four people while the car was traveling on a small road between the towns of Al-Sha’iyatiya and Al-Qulayla.

Agence France-Presse quoted a Palestinian official at the Rashidiya Palestinian refugee camp as saying that among the dead was Khalil Hamid Harazi, a senior camp leader. izdin qassam brigade In Lebanon, the military wing of the Islamic resistance (agitation).

The Hamas movement has not officially banned any of its members, but Khalil Haya, a member of its politburo, said at a news conference in Beirut in response to a question whether the four dead were from Hamas, “What?” The crime committed today is a new one added to the list of crimes of the Zionist occupation. “

Haya said Hamas will announce on Wednesday “the conclusion of the investigation into the matter, but we condemn this act of aggression,” noting that “a clear statement will be issued and will disclose the nature of the assassination and who was present. Who (car), and their names and nationalities.”

A Lebanese security source, who did not want to be identified, said the bodies of the passengers in the car were “charred”.

On the other hand, Lebanese Hezbollah announced on Tuesday that one of its members died from injuries sustained during a confrontation with Israeli forces on Lebanon’s southern border.

In a brief statement, Hezbollah mourned the wounded Ibrahim Badi Hamza from the southern Lebanese town of Jemima, “who became a martyr on the road to Jerusalem.”

Hezbollah’s death toll has risen to 78 since October 8 last year.

Hezbollah is bombing

In terms of bombings and confrontations, Hezbollah announced on Tuesday it had bombed a base, a military factory and a gathering of soldiers in northern Israel.

Hezbollah said in a separate statement that it bombed a factory of Israel’s Rafael Military Industries in the Shlomi region with missiles, causing a direct hit and a fire.

He pointed out, “This is a response to the enemy (Israel) bombing of the aluminum plant in the Al-Kfour area north of the city of Nabatiyeh.”

The party said in a separate statement that it “targeted enemy Israeli soldiers gathered in a house in the settlement of Avivim with missiles, causing casualties among its members.”

The party added in a third statement that it bombed the Israeli military base of Beit Hilal with a Gullah missile, causing a direct hit.

The party said in a fourth statement that it targeted a unit of the “War Brigade” affiliated with Israel’s military intelligence service on the outskirts of the Manara colony with two missiles, killing or injuring its members.

He noted that his attack was “in support of the determined Palestinian people.” Gaza Strip Support his brave and honorable resistance and respond to enemy attacks against journalists at Al-Mayadeen TV station and civilian homes. “

intercept drone

On the other hand, Israeli occupation forces said they intercepted a number of marches crossing the border from southern Lebanon in the Western Galilee.

An Al Jazeera reporter said the Israeli shelling targeted the town of Alma Shaab in southern Lebanon.

Israel’s Channel 12 reported that two anti-armor missiles were fired at the town of Avivim on the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Al Jazeera reporters also said that Israeli air defense systems were intercepting targets in Shmona’s airspace, while Israel’s Army Radio said alerts had been sounded in Shmona and surrounding areas.

Since Israel began its aggression against the Gaza Strip following Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, the Israeli army has conducted intermittent bombings with Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian factions every day, causing casualties on both sides. border.

These confrontations continue after the Israeli army launched a war in the Gaza Strip 46 days ago that resulted in the martyrdom of 14,128 Palestinians, including more than 5,840 children and 3,920 women, and the injury of more than 33,000 people, 75% of whom were injured. children and women, according to the Gaza government media office.

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