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The Israeli government has reportedly suspended its English spokesman, Elon Levy, following British complaints about comments he made in response to British Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

Levi has been home ever since “More than a week,” This was reported by Tel Aviv-based Channel 12 on Monday evening. The outlet attributed his alleged comment to a post on X (formerly Twitter) on March 8, which the UK interpreted as attacking Cameron.

“People in Gaza are in urgent need of humanitarian aid” Cameron has been published On that day, Israel urged “Allowing more trucks to enter Gaza as the fastest way to deliver aid to those who need it.”

However, Levy's alleged response could not be found on the platform. A link to his account was sent in response to Cameron BrokenThe post has not been archived. In one post dated March 8 stillLevy questions a headline in a British newspaper claiming that Cameron ordered 500 trucks a day.

“The average weight of an aid truck is 20 tons. 500 food trucks will carry 10,000 tons (10 million kg) of food. This means 5 kg per person per day. No one needs 5 kg of food per day. Levi said.

According to Channel 12, it was Levy “Absent from work for more than a week.” And “It is unlikely that he will return to his position.” The outlet also cited previous reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara, requested Levy's dismissal because he criticized Netanyahu and participated in opposition protests over judicial reforms.

Earlier on Monday, Netanyahu complained that Israel lacks capable speakers “String two words together” in English.

Quick look at Levy X accountHowever, he shows that he is very active and continues to challenge any criticism of Israel, Included Concerns over humanitarian access to Gaza His last post was on Tuesday morning.

Levy previously worked as a journalist and advisor to Israeli President Isaac Herzog. He got the job of spokesman after the October 7 attacks carried out by Hamas. The killing of 1,200 Israelis and the kidnapping of 240 others prompted Netanyahu to declare war on the movement based in Gaza and invade the Palestinian Strip. Since then, more than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed as a result of Israeli military operations.

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