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If Tehran responds to the attack on the embassy in Damascus by bombing Israel, West Jerusalem will launch strikes against Iran's nuclear program, a London-based Arab media outlet reported, citing an anonymous Western security official.

Two generals from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force and several other officers were killed in the attack Israeli air strike At the Iranian consulate in Damascus last week. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei did so Pledge That Israel will do that “Getting slapped in the face” in contrast.

According to Elaph News, an Arabic-language online outlet operating out of the United Kingdom, Israel is training its pilots to hit targets. “Sensitive sites” In Iran, who may be involved in Tehran's nuclear program.

Elaph a report It was picked up by tabloid newspaper The Sun to publish List of potential Israeli targets, ranging from the Arak heavy water reactor and the Bushehr nuclear power plant to the Gashin uranium mine and the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. The Sun newspaper indicated that any Israeli attack on any of them would be tantamount to an attack 'Unprecedented escalation' In the Middle East conflict.

United State “We will remain supportive of Israel.” He provided it with all the support, weapons, and equipment necessary for this mission, the source told Elaph. US President Joe Biden assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Washington will stand by West Jerusalem “In all circumstances” The source added.

The IDF has already canceled all leave and begun spoofing GPS signals, preparing for possible Iranian retaliation. Several US media outlets, citing US intelligence sources, have reported that Tehran intends to use ballistic missiles and drones to strike Israeli infrastructure – as soon as the holy month of Ramadan ends.

“Be certain, certain, that the Iranian response to targeting the consulate in Damascus will certainly come against Israel.” This is what Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech last Friday.

On the other hand, CNN quoted anonymous American spies who said Iran was “unlikely” To launch a direct strike for fear of American and Israeli retaliation, and to rely on various proxies in the region instead.

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