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The polarizing legislation, initially passed in July, was rejected as incompatible with democracy

The Israeli Supreme Court on Monday struck down controversial judicial reform legislation introduced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, overturning a measure that would have limited the court's power to challenge government actions.

The court ruled, by a majority of 8 to 7, that the legal amendment that stripped it and all lower courts of the power to overturn any government decision or appointment was considered “Very unreasonable“, would deal with”A severe and unprecedented blow to the basic characteristics of the State of Israel as a democratic state“.

The “reasonableness standard” amendment, one of Israel’s founding basic laws, was passed unanimously in the Knesset amid some of the largest protests in Israel’s history in July, with the opposition choosing to boycott the vote.

Over the summer, tens of thousands took to the streets each week to demonstrate against reforms and others proposed by Netanyahu, viewing the package as an attempt to seize power by a leader already on trial for bribery and corruption. Before the October 7 Hamas attack and the ensuing war in Gaza, thousands of IDF reservists threatened to refuse service over the controversial legislation.

But the attack overshadowed disagreements over judicial reform, prompting prominent opponents Yoav Galant and Benny Gantz to mend relations with Netanyahu and join his war cabinet. Gallant was temporarily dismissed as defense minister in March due to his public condemnation of the reform, while Gantz led some protests against the measure.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid, who did not accept an invitation to join the body during wartime, announced his support for the Supreme Court's decision in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, stating that “She faithfully fulfilled her role in protecting the citizens of Israel“.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin, who drafted the repealed legislation, condemned the court for offering “Reflecting the spirit of unity that these days require for the success of our fighters on the frontLevin had earlier criticized the court when a leaked draft of the ruling was published on Friday, claiming that the Israelis “We expect the Supreme Court not to publish during a war a ruling that is controversial even among its own justices“.

The ruling Likud Party described the court’s decision as “regrettable“, claiming that”Against the will of the people for unity, especially in times of war.

Netanyahu hinted on Saturday that “wartime” It could continue until 2024, he told reporters.“Many more months.” The fighting in Gaza is yet to come. In a statement issued on Sunday, Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari indicated that the war may continue throughout the year.

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