Israeli university professor: Biden can end Gaza war policy today

Avraham Shama, an Israeli university professor and retired administrator who fought in the June 1967 war, said: “This war Gaza If the president takes action, it could end today Biden Correct procedure.

One of the measures mentioned by Schama in the article published by the US “Capitol Hill” is that US President Biden must immediately issue instructions to Israel to stop the bombing of Gaza, declare a ceasefire, and help Israel negotiate a peace settlement with Israel . Palestinians.

The author believes that Biden can and must use the weapons and money provided by the United States to Israel as tools of persuasion, otherwise his hands will be stained with blood, and he supported Israel’s harsh response to the Hamas attack on October 7 last year, which resulted in …1,400 Israelis died.

Schama added that Biden must stop what he called his adulation of Israel. He must know that urging restraint or saying “no” to Benjamin Netanyahu will be viewed as a “yes,” as has happened so far.

The author says that while Biden is firmly committed to supporting Israel, he must do so now. In addition, neither he nor the leaders of Western European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Germany should be manipulated by Netanyahu into requiring Israeli troops to stay in Gaza after the war to ensure Israel’s security.

Machiavelli’s trick

The author sees this as a “Machiavellian ploy” designed to help Netanyahu stay in power even though most Israelis want him to step down.

Shama hints agitation She firmly believes that the attack of last October 7 was the only way to draw the attention of Israel and the world to the plight of Palestinians and their need for self-determination.

The author adds that if we judge by the strong support for the Palestinians that polls show, and the fear of uncertainty that Hamas has sown among many Israelis and the more than 200 prisoners still held in Gaza, as he puts it , Hamas has succeeded.

He pointed out that the Western world should not become Israel’s partner by supporting or turning a blind eye to what Israel is doing in Gaza. Britain, France, Germany, and especially the Biden administration, must stop Israel’s barbaric behavior in the Gaza Strip because they have already crossed the line of “retaliation.” They must get Tel Aviv to declare a ceasefire and pursue negotiations with the Palestinians.

The author concludes that Israelis and Palestinians must realize that peace negotiations are the best path forward. Now, the war in Gaza may provide impetus for a new deal. No one is more capable and willing to bring Israelis and Palestinians to the negotiating table than Joe Biden.

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