Israeli writer: Security services angry at Netanyahu for trying to undermine deal

An Israeli military analyst said that senior officials in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office Benjamin Netanyahu The extremists in his government collaborated to leave no room for a prisoner exchange deal with Iran. Hamas.

“After the Islamic Resistance (Hamas) responded to the mediators, there was a possibility of starting negotiations, but the prime minister's government office and the extremists cooperated and left no room for an agreement,” writer Ronan Bergman said in an article in the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, citing security sources. “There is a scenario where the kidnapped people will be sacrificed because Netanyahu wants some time.”

The author, who is familiar with sources in Israeli military, security and intelligence decision-making, added that “the attempt to blow up communications had already begun even before Hamas’ response to the rough route reached Israel last night.”

He explained: “A new confrontation has begun with a fierce clash between the Israeli military and intelligence community and Netanyahu's office… Senior officials of the defense establishment from various organizations and units expressed extreme anger yesterday about Israel's intentions of all parties in the government to block any possibility of reaching an agreement.”

Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday that its political bureau chairman Ismail Haniyeh He reached out to mediators from Qatar and Egypt to discuss ideas the movement is discussing with them with the aim of reaching an agreement that ends Israeli aggression and “addresses the elements of the ongoing conflict in a positive spirit”.

Later, Netanyahu's office released a Mossad statement on the “X” platform, which stated that the mediators (Egypt and Qatar) briefed Israel on the Hamas movement's response to the ceasefire proposal and stated that “the office will study Hamas' response and actions. Will respond to the mediators.”

Israel Radio also said the security cabinet would meet Thursday evening to discuss Hamas' response to the prisoner swap and Gaza ceasefire.

Security doesn't know

But the Israeli writer confirmed that “all security officials involved in the negotiations on a possible agreement with Hamas said they were not aware of the statement from Netanyahu's office at all” and that it should have come from “security officials.”

He added that “something dramatic happened behind the scenes: in the evening, when the response from Hamas was received, senior officials of the security agencies said the opposite of what the statement from the Prime Minister's Office had tried to attribute to them a few hours earlier. They believed that the response from Hamas set a good framework for negotiating an agreement”.

Citing security sources, an Israeli investigative writer said that “even before Hamas responded to Qatar’s latest overtures, there was a collaboration between extremist elements in the Prime Minister’s Office and the government with the aim of leaving no possibility of success and closing the door to the possibility of achieving the liberation of Israelis from the Gaza Strip in the foreseeable future.”

He explained: “Last Tuesday, the Qatari prime minister met with senior Hamas officials in Doha and offered them alternative solutions to the difficult issues that are still controversial with Israel. The organization has not yet provided an answer at the time, but as we mentioned in Israel, “there is an assessment that Hamas will give a positive answer, or at least a relatively positive answer.”

Postponed until after the speech to Congress

The author also spoke of the deep divisions between the security services and the Prime Minister's Office, saying: “Yesterday, all parties involved in the negotiations were surprised when the Israeli media quoted a security official as saying that Hamas continued to insist on preliminary negotiations. The clauses in the agreement will prevent Israel from returning to fighting after the first phase, which is unacceptable to Israel, and there are other gaps that have not been filled. Israel will continue to exert military and political pressure on us to release our 120 abductees.”

He cited investigations by security agencies and revealed that “the Prime Minister’s Office was the one who issued the announcement and attributed it to the security agencies, while the security agencies and the intelligence community refused to issue the announcement in their name”.

He said one of the people most familiar with the negotiations on the deal said, “It is difficult to remember in history that officials from the security agencies talked about their commander-in-chief in this way (Netanyahu called them a liar).”

He concluded by saying, “Hamas has given a good answer. It is possible to start negotiations tomorrow and reach an agreement, but now there is no Eisenkot or Gantz to call a war cabinet meeting, and then Netanyahu can decide not to hold a war cabinet meeting.” The government, or he will not allow the team to go to Doha. “The seriousness of the situation cannot be overstated; there is a scenario where the kidnapped people will be sacrificed because Netanyahu wants to postpone it until after the end of his speech to Congress.”

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