Israel's hint of reoccupying Sinai sparks angry messages on Arab social media platforms

Israel's occupation minister suggested reoccupying Egypt's Sinai Peninsula by reposting a tweet, sparking widespread outrage among Arab Twitter users on social media.

Calls for a section of Israelis to expand the geographical scope of the Israeli occupation are nothing new, but the passage of a minister of such political stature in the Israeli government means that this thing is no longer just a dream of some Israelis, but may have become a direction for the country.

He brought back the far-right Israeli Heritage Minister Amikai Eliyahu He posted a tweet from his account on platform “X” promoting the reoccupation Sinai Peninsula Egyptian.

The tweet called for the purchase of a T-shirt with a map of Israel, including the West Bank andGaza Strip andSinai Peninsula andGolan HeightsThe words “Current Occupation” were written on it.

The original tweet retweeted by the minister read: “The people are demanding occupation now!”

The tweet went beyond that, and included a link to a website that sold products with the slogan “Occupy Now” and defined itself as promoting occupation, accelerating occupation, and articulating its importance, with the phrase “We’ll meet when Suez Canal”.

Other products available on the site include T-shirts, mugs and t-shirts with images of the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula andBank of the West And southern Lebanon.

Explanation and anger

The “Shabakat” program (July 4, 2024) monitored some angry comments on social media sites about Israeli ministers hinting at the reoccupation of Sinai, including Abdul Aziz who wrote: “If they enter Sinai, it will be a lost war for them… not for the Egyptian side, but for the Egyptian side.”

Ahmed Haider believes that the Arabs played a role in this, as he writes, “They did not say so until the Arabs paved the way for them,Camp David Treaty It ended up being part of the siege on Gaza.”

As for Mohammed, he said the Israelis “follow the principle of checking the waters… Every time he makes a disastrous statement, as if it were his opinion, but they all hint at the goals of the occupying power, through which reactions are considered.”

Hossam Habash wrote: “The ministers' statements show the world the state of confusion and division that the occupation forces are experiencing, and these clashes are proof of the state of confusion and internal division that will occur after the war ends.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed Al Marzouqi tweeted: “He seems to be the right person in the right place and the best person to represent his country’s traditions and reflect its trends transparently. Egypt Arabic was and is difficult for people like me.”

Minister Amichai Eliyahu belongs to the far-right “Jewish Power” party he leads Itamar Ben GvirHis remarks always spark controversy, and last November he called for “dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip,” sparking outrage from the international community.

He also attended the meeting along with other ministers and B members last January.Israeli parliament At a meeting calling for the reconstruction of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip.

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