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The Times and the Guardian report on the New Labour government led by… Keir Starmer The first report looks carefully and in detail at the challenges that the new minister will face and the legacy of successive Labour governments over the past 15 years, while the second focuses on the appointment of the largest number of educated women to state schools in the kingdom’s history.

In a lengthy report shared by three journalists, The Times discusses how the candidates are facing Labour PartyAs the hard work of government began, many of the new administration's leaders, including Angela Rayner and Rachel Reeves, faced a number of challenges, starting with the new administration being invited to Downing Street for confirmation and a photo op before being sent off to the departments they now run.


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The paper begins with Economic Secretary Rachel Reeves (45), saying she had warned Rachel before the election that Labour would face “the worst economic situation since World War II”, but she ultimately took control of the situation. After a weak and short recession in 2023, the economy grew by 0.7%.

Reeves’ first task will be to overcome gloomy growth forecasts, although she has little room to maneuver with debt at 100% of GDP.

A tough battle

The newspaper goes on to make one comment after another about ministers, most notably Housing Minister Angela Rayner (44), who is officially Prime Minister Keir Starmer’s deputy and will make housing her top priority after Labour pledged to tear up current planning rules in the government’s first few months in an attempt to start… building housing and boosting economic growth.

As for Health Secretary Wes Streeting (41), he faces many uphill battles, saying the NHS is “broken” and that he must confront unions and regulators, agree a pay deal with striking junior doctors and resolve the issue of GPs and dentists being unable to respond without receiving large cash payments.

The paper points to the education issues that Minister Bridget Phillipson will face, including funding public schools and recruiting teachers, and also touches on the immigration crisis that Interior Minister Yvette Cooper will face, including scrapping the “Rwanda policy” (deporting immigrants) and, instead, focusing on the criminal gangs behind the intersection.

Pat Macfadyen will play a key role as Cabinet Office minister in the next government, acting as Starmer's trusted go-between, negotiating disputes between ministers and departments and ensuring the prime minister's orders are implemented.

Fighting Trump and the French right

As for Secretary of State David Lamy (51), he must take the lead in… NATO (NATO) and Europe, especially on the issue of the war in Ukraine. This comes with the possibility of forming a far-right government and presidency in France Donald Trump Second, he noted that he had previously described Trump as a “sociopath, neo-Nazi sympathizer,” and he also described the leader of France’s far-right party. Marine Le Pen It's toxic and hateful.

Lamy will have to navigate ceasefire negotiations in Gaza and the risk of the Middle East war spreading to Lebanon, and help Keir Starmer decide when to recognise the Palestinian state he promised upon his election.

Defense Secretary John Haley must also spend his first week in office at a NATO summit in Washington, convincing Eastern European allies that they need to spend at least 3% of gross domestic product on defense.

Top of John Healey's agenda is Labour's promise of a major defence strategy review to decide whether to reverse planned troop cuts.

Justice Secretary Shabana Mahmood must make an immediate decision on tackling the prison overcrowding crisis, while Work and Pensions Secretary Liz Kendall may face a stark choice about restricting benefit levels or eligibility if she wants to see rapid improvements.

Transport Secretary Louise Hay will have to push through a series of reforms as Labour pledges to dramatically improve rail services and resolve a two-year pay dispute with drivers.

Energy Secretary Ed Miliband is expected to quickly lift the ban on onshore wind farms, but setting up the government's new public energy company will take longer.

Environment Secretary Steve Reid is not expected to change the £2.4bn-a-year farm subsidy scheme as farmers continue to endure an extremely wet winter, but tackling water pollution will be a major challenge for him.

The largest number of women

The Guardian reviewed the issue of the largest number of female ministers in the history of Keir Starmer's government, pointing out that although Parliament elected 89 minority MPs, the government will only include three minority female ministers.

Keir Starmer’s government will include the largest number of state-educated female ministers, while the first Labour government in 14 years will include just two ministers of Asian descent: Shabana Mahmood and Lisa Nandy.

She said the large number of Conservative MPs replaced by Labour candidates meant the proportion of MPs educated at state schools rose from 54% to 63%, a figure still well below the 88% of the public who attended state schools. A higher proportion of MPs in parliament attended comprehensive schools but had attended state schools.

Women will hold more than 40% of seats in the House of Commons, a record high, including 46% of Labour MPs and 24% of Conservative MPs, the newspaper reported.

This parliament also welcomed the largest number of new members since 1979, with more than half of the members, reaching 334, being new.

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