Jessica Chastain, Adam Driver, more stars can promote in Venice

If you’re really upset about not seeing celebrities waving from Venice’s water taxis as they arrive at the Venice Film Festival this year, you’re in luck. As it turns out, some of the glam stars will be traveling to Italy after all, despite the SAG-AFTRA strike that’s largely preventing the actors from promoting their acts. Earlier it was reported that Sofia Coppola Priscilla He was Granted a provisional agreement to send her crew to the festival. Now, several other representatives have confirmed their attendance.

for every diverseAmong the stars confirmed to be appearing on the red carpet in Venice is Adam Driver (for Michael Mann Ferrari), Caleb Landry Jones (about Luc Besson Dogman), Mads Mikkelsen (by Nikolai Arcel Promised Land) and Jessica Chastain (for Michelle Franco memory). This is in addition to Kylie Spaney, Jacob Elordi, and Priscilla Presley Priscilla.

The interim agreements were somewhat controversial

Temporary agreements It was a somewhat controversial topic around the strike. These agreements were awarded to independent productions (that is, those outside the scope of the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance, which includes major studios and broadcast companies), allowing those projects to continue filming. The logic goes that any independent production that can meet SAG-AFTRA’s proposals punctures AMPTP’s assertion that it is I cannot meet those demands. However, some striking members have questioned this strategy as it undermines the idea of ​​a complete work stoppage. Viola DavisFor example, it refused to move forward with one of its projects even though it had an interim agreement.

However, SAG-AFTRA’s leadership encouraged members whose projects were operating under temporary agreements to support and promote these projects at the upcoming Venice, Telluride, and Toronto Film Festivals. in Statement issued last week“Supporting products covered by the SAG-AFTRA interim agreement shows strong solidarity with the union,” said the union and gave its blessing to not only test projects with interim agreements but also to “fully celebrate and promote their projects.”

“The Interim Agreement is a vital part of our strategic approach and was created for a number of reasons, all aimed at protecting the interests of our members,” SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland explained in the statement. . “The agreement demonstrates to AMPTP and the strike companies that independent producers at all levels of the budget are keen, careful, and able to work with our members on these terms.”

Interestingly, the Italian news agency ANSA (via diverse) reported that Kiefer Sutherland will also be attending the Venice Film Festival Kane Court Martial for Rebellionthe director’s final film William Friedkin. Unlike the aforementioned films, Friedkin’s is not a standalone film with a tentative agreement, but is produced by Showtime and Paramount Global, a member of AMPTP. We’ll see later this week if Sutherland actually hits the red carpet, and if he has some kind of special dispensation to do so.

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