Karl Radke leaves New York City after Lindsey Hubbard’s breakup

Carl Radke exits Dodge.

The “Summer House” star was seen hopping on a flight from New York City’s LaGuardia Airport on Thursday after calling off his engagement to Lindsey Hubbard.

Radke, 38, tried to keep a low profile in a photo obtained by Deuxmoi’s Instagram account, wearing a black baseball cap, black T-shirt and white shorts. He was also carrying a brown leather backpack and carrying a small handbag.

Just moments ago, Bravolebrity was seen carrying his luggage and looking sad as he got into a yellow cab on 28th Street in photos exclusively published by Page Six.

Radke left town just hours after Page Six confirmed his split from Hubbard, 37.

Karl Radke was spotted flying in from New York at LaGuardia Airport after news broke that he had called off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard.

Karl Radke at LGA
Radke was spotted entering a TSA line.
Page six

“The two were set to wed in November, but Carl told Lindsay he couldn’t go ahead with the wedding,” a source said. he told “Entertainment Tonight.”

A breakup has been filmed and will likely be featured in the next season of Summer House.

Hubbard was reportedly “stunned” and “devastated” by her fiancé’s decision to end their year-long engagement.

Lindsey Hubbard and Carl Radke.
Page Six confirmed on Thursday that they have separated and called off their wedding.
Lindshops / Instagram

Lindsey Hubbard.
Hubbard was reportedly “in shock”.

“It’s all very raw. The dust hasn’t settled with her yet.” Tell Us Weeklysaying that Radke was “mean” enough to “call off the wedding on camera”.

The insider continued, “A normal person who loves someone is not going to break up with someone they love in front of the camera.”

The source shared that season 8 of the Bravo reality show has finished filming, but production is back to pick up the fallout from their split.

Karl Radke takes a cab in New York City.
Radke is seen looking sad in his first appearance since the news broke.
William Farrington

Karl Radke takes a taxi.
He was carrying a brown backpack and wearing a baseball cap.
William Farrington

“No matter how many problems you might get in, don’t do something like this in front of the camera for the world to see their reaction,” the source emphasized.

It seems like the duo is still going strong in the days leading up to their split.

A source told Page Six that they “looked fine” while dancing together at the Surf Lodge in the Hamptons hotspot last week.

Lindsey Hubbard and Carl Radke.
The former couple’s breakup drama is expected to come out on camera.
Lindshops / Instagram

Lindsey Hubbard and Carl Radke.
The duo was spotted dancing in the Hamptons a few days before their split.
Getty Images for MTV

Lindsey Hubbard and Karl Radke are engaged.
Radke popped the question in August 2022 in front of Bravo’s cameras.
Lindshops / Instagram

Just two weeks ago, Hubbard celebrated a “private” wedding, during which Radke made a surprise appearance.

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Hubbard had already gone wedding dress shopping, and was also planning a bachelor party in the Bahamas at the end of September.

Their wedding date was set for November 17 in Mexico.

Karl Radke and Lindsey Hubbard in a mirror selfie.
Hubbard had already gone wedding dress shopping.
Lindshops / Instagram

Karl Radke and Lindsey Hubbard kissing.
She also celebrated her impending nuptials with a wedding and was scheduled to fly to the Bahamas for her bachelor party.
Lindshops / Instagram

Radke and Hubbard met in 2016 while filming the first season of Summer House.

While they had a brief relationship during the fourth season, they decided to be just friends until rekindling their relationship in late 2021.

The seller proposed to the former publicist on a beach in the Hamptons in front of Bravo cameras in August 2022.

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