Kathy Griffin shocked fans with a hugely swollen frown after tattooing her lips

Kathy Griffin shocked fans with a hugely swollen posture after tattooing her lips, and fans even likened her to Kylie Jenner.

The 62-year-old actress and comedian let her fans into the operating room while she underwent a painful lip procedure.

Cathy took her YouTube channel To show fans the amazing process in action in a short video titled “I got my lips tattooed,” adding semi-permanent color to her lips.

She donned a T-shirt with her face on it, accompanied by the caption “officially undone,” despite telling fans: “Well, first of all I try to go under the radar.”

Cathy wasn’t shy about the cameras as soon as she walked out of the doctor’s office, showing off her plump lips to her friends, much to their surprise.

Oops! Kathy Griffin shocked her fans with a huge swollen posture after tattooing her lips, and fans even compared her to Kylie Jenner.
‘I don’t think anyone would be able to tell’: Actress and comedian, 62, let fans into operating room while undergoing painful lip procedure

Actress Kristen Johnston, 55, chimed in to express her disbelief: “What have I done?” This is not real!

“I don’t think anyone would be able to tell,” the comedian insisted, after telling viewers they were “going to the Fourth of July parade” despite her swollen remnants from her glamorous transformation.

Husband Randy Peck wasn’t too impressed either — the marketing director let out an audible growl when he saw his new wife’s lips, as the star reassured her: “They’re (just) a little plump!”

Keen to continue her surgical improvements, she told fans, “Secondly, I’m going to trim my eyebrows further because I didn’t do enough last time.” we will see’.

The video ends up showing the star looking immaculate with her lips which have finally healed – and now look more natural than red and swollen.

The outspoken comedian drew many criticisms from fans, though most of them were in awe of her transformation.

One fan took to her YouTube comments to say, “I was scared for you at first, but the end result looks amazing! You look beautiful, Kathy.”

“The end result is great, but oh my god Cath, that first shot is the one Kylie Jenner gave,” said one worried fan.

Painful procedure: The star applied a numbing cream to relieve the pain of a tattoo gun that was about to attack her lips

This surgery comes to the star after she underwent a successful surgery on the vocal cords last June to treat the vocal problems she suffered after surgery. An oncologist removed half of her left lung in August 2021.

The situation has been open about her battle with lung cancer, with Instagram saying her throat is “feeling a little scratchy today but I’m in good shape” after the procedure.

in appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Last year, Cathy said the last time she appeared on the show she had lung cancer, which required the removal of half of her left lung.

“My voice took some damage,” said the TV star. “But I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt… The important thing is my boobs are still great,” she said, shaking her chest, making the crowd cheer.

Kimmel, 55, commented that her new high-pitched voice makes the star “more fun” and wondered: “Will your vocal cords eventually stretch out and your voice go deep again?”

Cathy replied, “I think it will go back to normal, but I’m not sure.” I’m still working on that. I’m funnier because I think I look nonthreatening and demure. This is my new angle.

It comes after a difficult year-long recovery after revealing last August that she had been diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer, even though she had never smoked.

“I’m cancer-free. I don’t know why, I had a tumor, right? I never smoked, and I stayed there for 10 years,” the puzzled actress said.

Strong Lady: In September 2022, Cathy reveals that she has been working on getting her voice back after treatment for lung cancer.

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