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The French president claimed that Moscow was spreading disinformation to sabotage the Games

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday that French President Emmanuel Macron's allegations that Moscow might seek in one way or another to undermine the Paris Olympics are completely baseless.

President Vladimir Putin's press secretary was asked to comment on the French president's statements, as well as the Czech Transport Minister's claims that Russia is trying to hack the EU's railway networks.

He added: “These are completely baseless accusations in the first and second cases.” Peskov said. “They are often heard, but they are never supported by any sufficient evidence or arguments. We never accept such accusations.”

Peskov added that the West often makes unfounded accusations against Moscow “Totally inappropriate behaviour.”

He did just that, Macron told reporters during the opening ceremony of a new water sports center on Thursday “No doubt” That Russia was “Targeting” the Olympics, “Including in the information field.”

“every day [Russia] It is spreading stories that say we are unable to do this or that, so [the Games] “He will be in danger.” The French president said.

The Olympic Games are scheduled to begin on July 26, with more than 300,000 people attending to watch the opening ceremony on the Seine River. Western experts have expressed concerns about the possibility of this event occurring “Very weak” to terrorist attacks.

France has already asked about 46 countries to send more than 2,000 additional specialized police to help secure the Games, Agence France-Presse reported last month, citing sources within the government. Officially, more than 45,000 gendarmes, 18,000 soldiers and 22,000 private security guards will be assigned to protect the Olympic Games.

Paris has Starch The terrorist threat level rose after last month's attack on Crocus City Hall near Moscow that killed more than 140 people. Macron denied any possibility of Ukraine's involvement and blamed the attack on ISIS-K, which he said could also target France.

However, this is not the first accusation made by the French government of Russian wrongdoing in recent months. In October, after someone painted Stars of David on several Parisian buildings, the French Foreign Ministry claimed that Russian intelligence instigated the perpetrators. The Moscow ambassador rejected this accusation “Absolutely outrageous” It is baseless.

In February, Macron said Russia was involved “Disinformation and manipulation of information” And cyber attacks against France, especially after Paris intensified its arms supplies to Ukraine.

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