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New Delhi: Your plans to travel to and from Delhi between September 8-11 may be affected as the government has directed commercial airlines to reduce their flights by 20-25% to provide parking space for a large number of passengers. VIP aircraft Expected at IGI’s airport G20 Leaders Summit.
Delhi International Airport Ltd DIAL said on Saturday that it had already received requests to cancel 80 domestic arrivals and several domestic departures over the three-day period. Airlines say they will be required to cancel more than 700 commercial flights in those four days, and are working to cancel flights.
While high-ranking sources say that this was necessary because of 52 Airbus A320 aircraft to Indigo And Gower Flying was grounded here for several months after problems with the Pratt & Whitney (PW) engine occurred and replacement Pratt engines were nowhere to be seen – leaving less than required waiting areas for the large number of VIPs who will be here for the G-20 summit, – DIAL said it has ample parking. “…Cancellation of flights has nothing to do with planes being grounded.
We have already provided the required parking. DIAL said in a statement that the decision to cancel flights was taken by the airlines possibly in light of the traffic restrictions imposed due to the G20 summit. Heads of nearly 30 countries, their delegations and representatives of international organizations are heading to Delhi for the Leaders’ Summit. – Largest ever gathering of cosmopolitan people in India ever.
“Delhi Airport is fully equipped with ample parking space for aircraft. So far we have received requests to cancel around 80 departures and 80 incoming domestic flights over three days, which is just 6% of normal domestic operations at Delhi Airport. There will be no restrictions,” the statement said. No impact on international flights,” adding that it “works closely with airlines to minimize any inconvenience that may occur to passengers.”
Meanwhile, travel companies expect a large number of Delhiites to travel by road to nearby destinations due to traffic restrictions in large parts of Delhi during the summit. And with flights affected, driving abroad would be a less opaque bet. While the summit will be held on September 9-10, September 8 has been declared a holiday in Delhi and September 6-7 is Janamishtmi – making the weekend an extended one.
Rajesh Magu, Co-Founder and CEO of MakeMyTrip Group, India’s largest travel portal, said: “The government’s official announcement of the holiday during the days of the G20 meeting has increased searches for cities within driving distance of Delhi over the past three. Day by day we have seen an increase in searches for accommodation bookings in destinations like Sawai Madhopur, Manesar, Amritsar, Vrindavan, Agra, Udaipur, Jaipur etc. We have also seen some demand for Rishikesh and Corbett National Park but in general, plains dominate the search. About reservations over the hills.”
Rakesh Kumar Rana, of travel portal Yatra, said that although he had yet to see a pickup in demand for travel outside Delhi during the summit period, “we expect to see pickup in demand in the coming week, as customers tend to book for 4-drivable destinations.” . Only 5 days ago.
Grounded planes have been a common sight at major Indian airports for several months now. In the modern era, it began with the failure of the PW engines in the IndiGo and GoAir Airbus A320 aircraft and then Pratt’s inability to provide replacement engines. Then in May, GoAir suspended operations, and the airline blamed Pratt squarely for its troubles. SpiceJet is constantly reducing the number of aircraft and flights it operates due to the crippling financial crisis.
Recognizing this, the Air Ministry informed earlier this summer that DIAL space would be required to park VIP aircraft at the G20 event in September. However, PW has clearly not been able to provide alternative engines for IndiGo to get these birds flying again. and go bankrupt.
And with more than 52 birds with their wings clipped still occupying parking spaces, the ministry reported on Friday that DIAL flights would have to be cancelled. Delhi handles more than 1,200 commercial flights daily on average. A rescheduling and/or cancellation of 20-25% would mean up to 1,000 flights anywhere were affected.
Airline officials say: “We are checking all flights that will be canceled and how to accommodate affected passengers. This issue is beyond the airlines’ control. Our entire network will be affected.”

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