Let Baldur’s Gate 3 catch your eye, it’s worth it

If you’re like me, the eyes – and the idea of ​​violence against them – are your greatest fear. How did you pass A needle’s eye sight dead space 2? Screaming and crying on the phone at my boyfriend who told me to turn it on. As such, when Follo, the bard who can hang out at your camp Baldur’s Gate 3I offered to try to help me remove the infective tadpole from my brain by physical extraction through my eyeball, and I said, “No.” But dear reader, I’m here now to tell you that it’s actually worth looking into.

As awful and awesome as it is, the Follow procedure actually has one benefit and not many disadvantages. Yes, you will lose an eye, but it will be immediately replaced with an eye that has a very cool feature: seeing invisible enemies.

Is there any benefit of folow eye surgery?

throughout Baldur’s Gate 3Enemies will use magic to hide from your view, and you’ll either have to fumble with an area-of-effect spell in the hopes that you can deal damage and spot them, or wait until their next turn when they reveal themselves with a sneak attack. Performing the Volo action won’t fix the tadpole, but you will get an accessory called “Volo’s Ersatz Eye”, which will allow you to see invisible enemies up to 30 feet away from your character.

The downside to this is purely cosmetic, as it will change the color of the affected eye. I’ve been told which players used the color contrast option in the character builder Then let Volo wander into his eye socket and no longer have two different eye colors after the poet is done messing around there. But I suppose that is the risk you take when you allow an unqualified person to put sharp objects in your eye.

Keep in mind that if you’re nervous about seeing the whole thing, this isn’t a scene you can look away from, as there are dialogue options along the way that you’ll have to go through. So you could probably skip as much of it as possible and then spam the first dialogue option, right?

How do I get Volo to come to my camp?

You’ll meet Volo several times before he shows up in your camp, the first time in Druid Grove. But the main deciding factor in whether or not he’ll go out with your team and eventually offer to fix your eye socket is if you rescued him at the goblin camp in Chapter 1. You’ll see him perform (not of his own will) as you enter camp. This is before any possible fighting could break out, but my friend is clearly in distress.

When you actually enter Shattered Sanctum, you’ll find him locked in a cage in the northeast corner of the throne room. The key to his prison can be found with the elf jailer Grybo, who will watch over Volo like a hawk. You have a few choices of how to handle this, whether that’s through violence and looting the key from Gribbo’s corpse, or by passing dialogue checks and convincing them to free Volo without bloodshed.

Whichever route you take, the Liberated Poet will head to your camp and you can talk to him about possible solutions to the tadpole problem. Whether or not you choose to accept his help is up to your discretion, but despite his lack of qualifications, he gives you something worthwhile out of the whole deal.

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