Maarif: Hamas has sovereignty, no choice in Gaza

Israeli newspaper Maariv reviewed Israel's choices the day after the war Gaza StripThe conclusion is that – regardless of the controversy surrounding who will run the ministry – any alternative to the Islamic resistance movement (agitation) This seems unrealistic because she is the supreme ruler.

In the article, the newspaper first compared the situation in Gaza with Bank of the WestShe explained that years after Israel invaded the West Bank in 2002, the Israeli military is still engaged in an ongoing battle with Palestinians there.

But the big difference, the article states, is that the military units in the PA areas are not the party that controls security and civil administration, nor are they the “Lion’s Den,” or even any other organization responsible for the daily lives of the Palestinian population.

She added that, unlike in Palestinian cities and villages in the West Bank, the coordination of Hamas’ military and civilian aspects in Gaza not only did not disappear, but also did not suffer, both during the airstrike phase and after the ground operation.

The newspaper mentioned the issue of distributing aid in Gaza, which the Israeli government has discussed many times but has not yet reached any results because Israel does not want Hamas to take on the task of distributing aid but also has no other choice.

The newspaper explained that the Prime Minister did not Benjamin Netanyahu Any answer or plan that provides a civil alternative for residents of the Gaza Strip, as was the case six months ago, “is clear to Netanyahu until today, and he does not want the Palestinian Authority to remain in Gaza, because that would mean starting a path that leads directly to a solution-based political process.”

She noted that “as long as Hamas remains alive, sovereign and active on the battlefield, distributing food to Palestinian tents, no force, institution or country will agree to set foot in Gaza, either in actual action or in written commitment.” Displaced .”

No alternative to Hamas

The newspaper went on to describe Israel’s confusion over the next day’s plans, saying, “There is no better way to describe the current situation than with the phrase ‘Hamas controls Gaza,’ because there is no alternative.”

The newspaper quoted a senior officer of the occupation forces – who was not named – as saying at a closed-door hearing of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Israeli parliament “Israel will hold elections and Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister must offer the public an alternative to controlling Gaza.”

The newspaper commented on this, saying, “Admitting the facts and saying loudly that there is no realistic alternative, it seems that Hamas will remain in Gaza and in our reality.”

It also argues that even if Netanyahu loudly declares that he will withdraw his opposition to the Palestinian Authority as part of an alternative solution for Gaza, this statement will not change reality.

The newspaper concluded by saying that Hamas leaders are pinning their hopes on a prisoner exchange deal that would allow them to expel Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip so that the movement can have sovereignty and rule as it did before the war began.

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