Macron calls on Prime Minister to stay in office


The French president asked Emmanuel Macron Today, Monday, the Prime Minister's speech Gabriel Attal He came to the office to submit his resignation after the parliamentary elections, in which the government political bloc lost its position as the strongest alliance in the country, and stayed on to “temporarily ensure the stability of the country”. The left dominated in the hung parliament, just as the political class began to deliberate on the appointment of a prime minister.

Macron thanked Attal for his leadership in the European and legislative election campaigns, the presidential palace announced in a statement.

Attal said yesterday, Sunday, that he would take this step in accordance with French political tradition and said he was ready to serve as acting chargé d'affaires for a longer period of time, but the matter depended on the president's decision. Decision.

Start Negotiation

France's political class on Monday began deliberations on building an unknown majority and appointing a prime minister after an unexpected result in a legislative election split the National Assembly into three blocs.

The far right was expected to take the lead in the second round of legislative elections, but between the two rounds, the left and the center formed the Republican Front, which resulted in the far right coming in third. However, it made significant progress and is expected to receive 135 to 145 votes.

Without any one party securing an outright majority, the fragile left coalition must weather the challenge of unity, and the president’s camp can save face but cannot go on on its own, France will be plunged into an unprecedented climate of uncertainty.

The New Popular Front (far left) unexpectedly became the first force in the National Assembly with 177 to 198 deputies, ahead of Macron's camp, and although it is still far from the absolute majority of the designated 289 deputies, it may soon prove to be an insurmountable force.

However, its main party, Proud France, is on the far left and is the focus of many tensions, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a provocative but charismatic leader who has alienated even some in his own camp.

Who is the Prime Minister?

French deputy Clementine Auting called on the New Popular Front deputies to hold a “plenary meeting” on Monday to recommend to Macron the candidates for prime minister, “(former presidents elected as deputies on Sunday) Francois Hollande and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.”

She hopes that “the new Popular Front, whatever its diversity, will be able to say that it is the dome of the scale that allows governance.”

As for François Ruffin, a member of parliament who has completely broken with Proud France, he called for a “moderate” government, implicitly criticizing Mélenchon, who previously ran for president three times, and called him a “supporter of the mob and the rage.”

After the unexpected victory, the presidential majority was 152 to 169 delegates.

The Elysee Palace announced late Sunday that Macron, who has yet to comment formally, will wait for the National Assembly to be formed to decide who to appoint to the prime ministership.

As for the National Assembly, it made gains in parliament but fell far short of the relative or absolute majority it had dreamed of.

The National Rally was the only force that decided on Monday to join the opposition camp, but it has a stronger voice in the National Assembly.

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