Man in China caught trying to smuggle over 100 live snakes in pants (VIDEO) — RT World News

Customs officers were able to intercept the offender as he attempted to cross the border between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Chinese customs officers have caught a man trying to smuggle more than 100 live snakes into the country by stuffing them down his pants, local media reported Tuesday.

Authorities arrested the suspicious-looking man last week as he tried to enter the country through the non-declaration channel at Shenzhen's Futian Port, a checkpoint between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Upon inspection, officers found six plastic bags stuffed into the man's pants pockets, containing an assortment of live snakes. A final count revealed 104 reptiles hidden in his pants.

Five species of snakes were later identified – milk snakes, western snub-nosed snakes, corn snakes, Texas rat snakes, and bull snakes. Four of these species are not native to China and are therefore prohibited from being brought into the country without certification.

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Customs authorities did not name the smuggler, nor say whether the man had been arrested. However, the agency warned that under China’s legislation on biosecurity and disease control, it could seek legal liability if it deemed the man’s actions to have violated regulations.

Animal trafficking is common in China, despite laws that ban the practice. Last month, CCTV reported that a man was arrested while trying to smuggle a total of 454 turtles, including some endangered species, into mainland China from Macau.

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