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Meta has disbanded its Responsible AI team, which was tasked with understanding and addressing hazards associated with the AI ​​technology it develops, as the company shifts more resources to… AI Obstetrician.

The U.S. company said it is assigning members of the responsible AI team to other teams across the company and they will continue working to prevent AI-related harm, Reuters reported.

The changes are part of broader changes to the artificial intelligence team announced internally at the company, according to a report published by The Information website, citing an internal publication it has seen.

The majority of the Responsible AI team will be transferred to the Generative AI team in 2019 deadThe company was founded in February last year to produce generative artificial intelligence products.

A Meta spokesperson noted that other members are turning to the company’s AI infrastructure unit, which develops the systems and tools needed to build and operate AI products.

The company has regularly expressed its desire to develop AI responsibly and has dedicated a page to this end in which it lays out the pillars of responsible AI, including accountability, transparency, security, privacy, and more.

The report quoted Meta representative John Carville as saying: “The company continues to prioritize and invest in the development of safe and responsible artificial intelligence.” He added that team members will continue to support Meta’s internal work on the development and use of responsible artificial intelligence.

Earlier this year, the team underwent a reorganization that included layoffs, leaving the responsible AI team with only a shell of a team.

The Responsible AI team, established since 2019, has little autonomy and its initiatives must go through lengthy negotiations with different departments.

Meta created a Responsible AI team to identify issues with its AI training methods, such as whether the company’s models were trained with appropriately diverse information, with a focus on preventing issues such as moderation issues on its platform.

Meta’s move comes as governments around the world race to erect regulatory barriers to the development of artificial intelligence. The U.S. government signed agreements with AI companies, and President Biden subsequently directed government agencies to develop AI safety rules.

and publish European Union While he was proposing AI principles, he was still fighting for the passage of AI laws.

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