Miami Dolphins 2023 roster cuts: Track moves down to the 53-man roster


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The Miami Dolphins began dropping their preseason roster of 90 players down to their regular season roster of 53 players. There will be some tough choices for the Dolphins coaches and front office to make over the next couple of days, and we’ll be tracking all the moves here. You can view any related articles and analysis through the links at the bottom of the page.

The NFL’s deadline for all 32 teams to reach the 53-man roster limit is Tuesday, August 29 at 4 p.m. ET. The preliminary rosters established by that deadline will be subject to change over the next few days as teams demand players be released from waivers or sign released players. There will also be movement for teams, including the Dolphins, as they make adjustments to injured players. Under NFL rules, a player cannot be placed on injured reserve and returned to the active roster until the regular season begins. That means a veteran such as Miami linebacker Jalen Ramsey, who won’t be released but will likely miss most of the season with a knee injury, will have to be kept on the 53-man roster for a day before he can be moved to the infrared. .

Below, you’ll find the Dolphins’ full list of 90 men, along with the moves they do:

Current list: 75
Required cuts: 22
As of August 28 at 5 p.m. ET

At 4:13 PM ET on 8/28, the Dolphins sent out a press release confirming some of the previous reports of the cuts, as well as adding more. Dolphins release included: Tackle Jeroen Christian, wide receiver Keke Coutee, linebacker AJ Johnson, linebacker Mitchell Agude, quarterback James Blackman, defensive tackle Josiah Bronson, defensive end Randy Charlton, wide receiver Chris Coleman, linebacker Aubrey Miller II, linebacker Garrett Nelson and safety Keidron Smith, tackle James Tunstall, defensive tackle Jaelyn Twiman, and defensive tackle Jamal Woods.

Midfielders (3)

James Blackman (R)
Toa Tagovailoa
Skylar Thompson
Mike White

running back (7)

Devon Ashani (R)
Salmon Ahmed
Chris Brooks (R)
Miles Gaskin
Alec Ingold (FB)
Rahim Mostert
Jeff Wilson Jr.

tight ends (6)

Tanner Conner
Elijah Higgins (R)
Julian Hill (R)
Tyler Croft
Eric Saubert
Durham Smith

wide receivers (9)

Braxton Berreuse
Chosen Ruby
Chris Coleman (R)
Cracraft River
Kiki Koti
David Davis (R)
Eric Izukanma
Terek Hill
Braylon Sanders
Jaylen Waddell
Cedric Wilson Jr.

Strikers (14)

Tyrone Armstead
Jeroen Christian
Lester Cotton
Liam Eichenberg
Dan Finney
Ryan Hayes
Robert Hunt
Austin Jackson
Robert Jones
Kendall L
Cedric Ogbwehi
Keon Smith
James Tunstall
Olof’s sign
Connor Williams
Isaiah Wayne

Defensemen (6)

Josiah Bronson
Randy Charlton (R)
Raekwon Davis
Dashun’s hand
Emmanuel Ogbah
Brandon Bailey (R)
Zack Siler
Jaylen Twyman
Christian Wilkins
Jamal Woods

full back (11)

Mitchell Agudi (R)
Jerome Baker
Bradley Chubb
Cameron Judd
AG Johnson
David Long, Jr.
Aubrey Miller II (R)
Garrett Nelson (R)
Gallien Phillips
Malik Reed
Duke Riley
Channing Tyndall
Andrew Van Ginkel

Cornerback (13)

Ellie Apple
Justin Bethel
Ethan Bonner (R)
Keon Crossen
Javian Howard
Noah Igbenogeni
Kader Koho
Nick Needham – PUP
Barry Nickerson
Jamal Berry
Jalen Ramsey
Cam Smith (R)
Bryce Thompson

Safety (6)

Elijah Campbell
Dishon Elliott
Jevon Holland
Brandon Jones
Veron McKinley III
Kidron Smith (R)
Trail Williams

Special Teams (3)

Jake Bailey – the gambler
Blake Ferguson – Long Snapper
Jason Sanders – Kicker

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