Military expert: For these reasons, the occupation forces have had a difficult day in Gaza City

Military and strategic expert Colonel Hatem Karim Farahi said the Israeli occupation forces had a difficult day on the first day of a new military operation in a large area southwest of the city. Gaza.

Analyzing the military situation in Gaza, Farahi attributed it to the resurgence of resistance factions and their forcible return to these areas, according to Abu Ubaidah, a spokesman for the Gaza Strip military. Qassam Brigades The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation).

In his last words during the war, Abu Ubaidah said that Qassam Brigades had restored 24 brigades in various regions. Gaza StripIt also reinforced its defensive capabilities, stressing that the personnel capabilities of the brigade are very good.

Military experts pointed out that the occupation forces called their new operation special and expected it to be not only related to the expansion operation Nezarim Axisbut other war objectives based on intelligence information.

He noted that the operation took place against a backdrop of combined incursions by Israeli military vehicles and direct actions by resistance factions, including nine direct actions announced by the Qassam Brigades in the Tal Hawa area south-west of Gaza City.

As a result, new resistance operations were launched in several areas and at different contact points, making it a difficult day for the occupation forces in the region, according to Farahi.

Earlier today, Israeli media reported that four “troublesome” security incidents against Israeli troops had taken place in Tel al-Hawa, while Al Jazeera journalists reported that Israeli military helicopters had briefly landed on the Netzarim axis, believed to be to evacuate the wounded.

The Qassam Brigades reported that they had detonated an anti-personnel device against six Israeli soldiers in Tal al-Hawa, killing and injuring them. The group also announced that it had targeted an Israeli infantry unit in the western region of Chalihat. The attack on the Tal al-Hawa community killed and injured its members.

In the same area, Qassam also destroyed a military jeep with artillery shells.”Yasin 105“An Israeli personnel carrier was also targeted by an explosive device on Alsina Street.”Chavaz There was a “D9” bulldozer on Roundabout 17 in the same neighborhood, and a “D9” bulldozer with “Shawaz 3” equipment on Al-Rashid Street.

At dawn on Monday, Israeli occupying forces suddenly entered a large area in the southwest of Gaza City under the cover of heavy fire, attacking roads and residential buildings, killing and injuring dozens of people and displacing thousands of Palestinians, who fled to the northwest neighborhoods of the city.

Israeli military vehicles entered the Tel Hawa neighborhood and near the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.”UNRWAIn the “industrial” area and the southern outskirts of the Rimal neighborhood, aircraft and artillery vehicles attacked under the cover of heavy fire.

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