Military expert: Occupation forces' expansion of operations in Talhawa reflects the effectiveness of the resistance movement

Military and strategic expert Colonel Hatem Karim Farahi said the occupation forces are talking about expanding their operations in… Talhawa In northern Gaza City department It reflects the intensity of the fighting despite the occupation forces’ previous declarations that their operations had been successful and that they had eliminated resistance in the area. It also reveals the effectiveness of the resistance movement and its ability to exhaust the occupation forces.

In his analysis of the military scene in the Gaza Strip, Farahi explained that the occupation forces are discussing the expansion of the military operation to Tal Hawa, all the way to Sabra, which shows the nature of a tactical position, despite the occupation forces' claims that the area has been emptied since the first operation.

Recently, Israeli media reported that four “troublesome” security incidents against the occupation forces occurred in the Tel Hawa area, and announced Qassam Brigades – The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) – It carried out numerous ambushes and specific operations that caused casualties among Israeli soldiers.

Farahi explained that the massive scale of the military operation in Talhawa, which resulted in clear losses of occupation personnel, demonstrated the effective use of land, means and tools by the resistance, noting that this was clearly documented in the resistance’s videos.

Battle of Shujaya

In the context of his talk of the withdrawal of the occupying forces… Shujaiya Neighborhood In Gaza City, Farahi noted that the two-week military operation was linked to the third phase of the operation, which was supposed to be less intense, but fighting there has proven to be very intense.

He noted that the occupiers were keen to leave extensive destruction in the city, indicating that such destruction was one of the military objectives of the operation, adding that such destruction was carried out in the context of a comprehensive campaign of systematic damage to all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip, including the destruction of hospitals and infrastructure and the disruption of electricity and water supplies.

Farahi believes that these actions fall into the category of genocide, ethnic cleansing and starvation, and that the occupying forces are trying to make Gaza an uninhabitable area to force its people to leave, which reflects the destructive process of forced displacement using systematic force.

As the Israeli aggression against Gaza continued into its 279th day, the Civil Defence Department declared the Shujaiya neighbourhood a disaster area, no longer suitable for living, with the occupation destroying 85 per cent of the neighbourhood’s homes and infrastructure.

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