Military experts: Resistance groups are conducting mobile defense in Shujaya


Palestinian resistance factions continue to launch military operations against Israeli occupation forces Shujaiya Neighborhood Military and strategic expert Colonel Hatem Farahi said that in Gaza City, rely on integrated tactics.

Interpreting the course of the Shuja'iya battle, Colonel Farahi said that the resistance is conducting what he called a mobile defense, a situation in which the invading forces are not fixed to a specific area, but move with the movement, based on their actions in the Shuja'iya area.

Resistance to the occupying forces relied on direct confrontation, ambushes, and devices such as flashlights and television bombs, a combination of tactics against the invading forces.

Colonel Farahi expects the resistance to continue operating for some time to come, as long as the occupation forces switch from an attacking to a defensive force.

In his analysis of the military situation in Gaza, the strategic expert noted that the resistance in Shujaye started out simple, then diversified and multiplied, and then showed an intensifying trend.

Al-Falahi mentioned the huge losses inflicted by the resistance movement on the occupation of the Shuja'iya neighborhood, for its part, saying: Quds Brigade – Military WingIslamic Jihad MovementThe Israeli army caused seven casualties in a sudden clash with them. As announced Qassam Brigades – The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) – Its fighter jets destroyed an Israeli tank in the same neighborhood.

On the other hand, Colonel Farahi said that due to the losses caused by the resistance, the occupation forces said they needed another combat force to continue in Gaza Strip.

The spokesman cited Israeli sources as saying that the Israeli army will enter the third phase during this period, and there are statements confirming that it has fully entered this phase, although military operations are still ongoing. Rafa Southern Gaza Strip.

The occupation forces say they need five brigades in Shujaiya, and there are also brigades transferred from the north to work in the south, which confirms that Israel has a serious shortage of combat power due to the losses it has suffered. The army and the huge losses it faces, whether in machinery, equipment or manpower.

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