Military experts: Resistance is conducting intense and qualitative operations in large areas of Gaza

Military and strategic expert Colonel Hatem Karim Farahi believes that the resistance movement is carrying out fierce, determined and qualitative operations against the occupation forces in large areas of confrontation in Gaza, including Talhawa, Sabra andShujaya andNezarim AxisExcept for the Rafah area.

In his military analysis of the Gaza War, Farahi explained that the resistance movement's continued momentum can be understood from the fact that it has repelled the occupation forces' attempts to invade various areas.

He believed that the resistance movement's ability to fight the occupation on all fronts demonstrated its preparedness and ability to plan and implement accurately.

Level 3

Farahi said the so-called “third phase” of military operations was not fundamentally different from previous phases, which he attributed to the lack of a clear military or political vision for the war by the occupation forces and their leadership.

He noted that the occupation's declared “third phase” strategy involves its forces moving in and out of specific areas after achieving certain goals, as happened in Nusseraat. But Farahi said the current reality contradicts this concept, as there is no clear distinction between the three phases of the occupation operation.

Resistance tactics

Al-Farahi described the occupation forces' faltering operations in Tal Hawa in southwestern Gaza as a result of the brigade fighting there belonging to the “99th” Division, an armored infantry division reserve brigade, pointing out the gap in combat capabilities between them and regular forces.

Farahi praised the wisdom of the resistance, who targeted areas with military bulldozers that flattened land and roads for fear of the presence of explosive devices, and explained that the occupation tried to find specific paths and lines of action through its slow progress, aimed at identifying decisive points in the battle.

Farahi concluded by stressing that the resistance movement continues to carry out its operations in such an intensive and effective manner that it poses a major challenge to the occupying forces and complicates their task of achieving their military objectives. Gaza Strip.

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