Military experts: Resistance shifts and occupation sinks deeper into quagmire of attrition


Military and strategic expert Major General Mohammad Samadi said the Palestinian resistance is… Gaza Strip He said a Western strategy of using special forces operations was being adopted, stressing that the shift would increase pressure on the occupying forces.

He witnessed it for the ninth consecutive day Shujaiya Neighborhood Fighting is taking place in Gaza between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation forces. She announced Qassam BrigadesThe military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation), andQuds BrigadeMilitary WingIslamic Jihad Movementcarried out several operations against the occupation forces in Shuja'iya.

In his analysis of the military scenario in Gaza, Major General Samadi spoke about the methods used by the resistance, saying that there is a “maneuver tactics and techniques” of how operations are carried out and how weapons are used, in addition to the execution mechanisms.

He explained that the resistance was now conducting offensive operations, rather than just ambushes, which constituted a dramatic shift from small-group combat operations and would inflict heavy losses on the occupation ranks.

He noted that the basis of the resistance was to attack the occupation forces, as was the case with the attack on the headquarters of the occupation forces' operational command, which was located in the southeast of the Sudan district, in Rafa In the south of the Gaza Strip, a raid and clashes took place with them on Al-Khalafa Street in the Al-Shujaiya neighborhood, capturing a unit consisting of seven soldiers.

He said the resistance movement was developing its operations by rotating, arming and developing explosive device capabilities to be able to inflict losses on the occupation forces.

Military and strategic experts believe that the shift in resistance action will push the occupying forces deeper into a quagmire of attrition and into a state of fear and anticipation, as it has no way of knowing the whereabouts of resistance fighters.

Major General Samadi concluded that the pressure on the occupation forces will increase and voices within Israel calling for an end to the Gaza war and a deal with the Palestinian resistance will rise.

Since Israel began a large-scale ground operation in the Gaza Strip in late October last year, resistance factions have been carrying out successful ambushes against the occupation forces, in addition to destroying and damaging hundreds of military vehicles, and causing heavy casualties to the Israeli army.

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