Millions of Sudanese face spectre of famine, wearing shrouds on their heads

The tragic scene reflects the extent of Sudan's humanitarian crisis, with millions of Sudanese standing on the brink of an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, with shrouds on their heads as a painful symbol of the suffering they face.

In the July 5, 2024 episode of “Beyond the Power,” the International Hunger Monitoring Observatory revealed that 14 regions in Sudan are at real risk of famine, sounding the alarm about the deteriorating situation in the country.

At the same time, international organizations have confirmed that about 755,000 people may die of hunger in the coming months, and another 8.5 million people have been classified as the “second most severe” famine level, which indicates that the risk of famine is escalating rapidly.

In light of the worsening crisis, international and Arab organizations, including… United Nations andArab LeagueThe inability to provide effective aid, as its ineffective response to the crisis has been described as “cabbage” that cannot fill hunger.

This tragic situation poses a major challenge to the international community and requires urgent and effective action to save the lives of millions of Sudanese who are facing the imminent threat of famine.

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