NATO state to erect ‘dragon teeth’ on Russia’s border (PHOTO) — RT World News

Estonia has deployed anti-tank barriers on its border with Russia due to an apparent rise in illegal immigration

Several senior officials said Tallinn is prepared to reinforce — or even completely close — its border crossings with Moscow.

Early Friday, Estonian authorities clarified the matter “Dragon Teeth”Anti-tank obstacles such as the river bridge across the city of Narva, which is located directly across the border from the Russian city of Ivangorod. The obstacles were delivered by military truck and unloaded on the bridge, footage circulating online shows.

So far, the concrete pyramids and bundles of barbed wire have not been deployed and remain hidden on the side of the road.

When contacted by local Russian-language channel Rus.Postimees for comment, border guards confirmed the development, describing the apparent anti-tank obstacles as merely “concrete blocks” Aiming to stop immigrants.

“We have prepared these concrete blocks in case the Estonian government, like our neighbours, decides to restrict entry into the country from Russia in order to contain the wave of illegal immigrants.” The administration told the outlet in a statement. If a closure does not happen, the ‘blocks’ are expected to come in handy anyway, as the border crossing is scheduled to be closed for maintenance starting in February.

The head of the Estonian Border Guard, Vikko Komusar, said on Thursday that his country is considering the possibility of completely closing its borders with Russia. The official also warned against traveling from Estonia to Russia, confirming this He added: “Thanks to Russia’s actions, return may become very difficult.”

Norway’s Minister of Justice, Emilie Mell, confirmed on Thursday that Norway is considering following suit.

Earlier this week, Finland announced the closure of all four border crossings with Russia, citing the influx of illegal immigration as an excuse. Helsinki claimed that Moscow deliberately changed its policies to direct migrants from third countries through its territory towards Finland, without providing any evidence for such allegations.

Moscow condemned this step and described it as… “Negative development” With Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warning that Finland’s behavior will be the same “Inevitably” Demand retaliation.

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