NATO tells Ukraine to keep drafting new troops

Admiral Rob Bauer, head of NATO’s military committee, said Thursday that Kiev needs to mobilize more people to compensate for battlefield losses.

Bauer, who headed the Dutch Armed Forces between 2017 and 2021, made these statements at the opening session of the Kyiv Security Forum, which is organized annually by former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

“You not only need new grenades, tanks and armored vehicles, you also need, unfortunately, new soldiers, because soldiers are dying and getting injured. Then you talk about mobilization, then you talk about conscription.” Bauer told the audience.

He added that while the West can provide money and ammunition, the Ukrainians must provide manpower, because their country is at stake.

The government in Kiev has officially acknowledged that only 31,000 soldiers have been killed in combat over the past two years, although unofficial estimates are at least higher. according to Western media reportsFrontline units in Kiev were operating at one-third capacity as of early last month.

There was talk in Kiev in December of the need for 500,000 new recruits to replenish front-line brigades and form new brigades. However, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky later said there was no need to mobilize such a large number. The Ukrainian Parliament has not yet voted on the amendments to the Mobilization Law, which has sparked intense controversy.

Ukraine has also spent a lot of its weapons and ammunition, and has become almost completely dependent on the United States and its allies for logistical services. Speaking on Thursday, Power admitted that NATO’s response to the conflict in Ukraine had been deficient in terms of arms and ammunition production. He called for the same kind of approach that has been used during the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine production, arguing that the whole of society will need to make sacrifices.

“Pessimists don’t win wars.” Bauer said. “And if you look at the facts: there is every reason to be confident in Ukraine’s ability to achieve success.”

Only a short time later, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the capture of Tonenkoy, a village in Donbas to which Ukrainian forces expelled from Avdiivka in February had tried to retreat. The Russian military said the failed counterattacks cost Kiev’s forces up to 400 men a day, as well as Western-supplied armor, such as American-made Abrams tanks.

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