NATO Washington summit opens, Biden announces support for Ukraine's new defense system

The President of the United States said Joe Biden NATO(NATONow it is stronger than ever, with 32 countries joining together to announce the provision of new American Patriot systems to Ukraine.

Speaking at a NATO summit in Washington, which coincides with the 75th anniversary of the alliance's founding, he added that the United States and its allies will provide Ukraine with tactical defense systems in the coming months.

The ceremony took place at Andrew W. Mellon Hall in Washington, where 12 nations signed the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949.

The US President said it was a “historic gift” that included… Patriot System According to him, a new US initiative falls within the framework of NATO's efforts to protect Ukraine from Russian air strikes.

Germany and Romania had previously announced they would provide Ukraine with Patriot defense systems, while the Netherlands announced it was assembling a similar system and showing it to Kiev.

Rome also announced that it would provide Kiev with an air defense missile system, but not the Patriot model, but the SAMP/T jointly produced by France and Italy.

Thus, what is new in this five-year donation is the Patriot battery that Washington announced its intention to provide to Kiev, while the remaining four batteries (3 Patriot batteries and SAMP/T battery) had been announced previously.

Continued support for Ukraine

NATO Secretary General urged Jens Stoltenberg NATO leaders on Tuesday urged continued support for Ukraine in its war against Russia, saying the outcome of the conflict would shape global security for decades.

Stoltenberg said at the start of the NATO summit that NATO must show the same resolve as it has shown at other important moments in its history.

He added, “With an aggressive Russia as a neighbor, there are no free choices. There are no risk-free choices in war.”

He continued, “The biggest cost and the biggest risk would be a Russian victory in Ukraine. We cannot allow that to happen.”

He was the U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken He said the NATO summit in Washington would strengthen Ukraine's ties with the alliance and its path to joining it.

Blinken, who met with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Washington, added that a new aid package for Kyiv would be announced during the summit.

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