Netanyahu tries to subject his ministers to lies test message


Israeli Prime Minister’s Office Operations Benjamin Netanyahu A draft law has been drafted under which government ministers attending government meetings during ongoing negotiations on a prisoner exchange deal would undergo polygraph examinations to prevent leaks to the media.

The Israel Broadcasting Authority said on Tuesday that under the draft law, participants in cabinet meetings would be summoned to take polygraph tests to prevent leaks of security issues discussed at the meetings.

The authorities noted that judging from the text of the proposal, all participants in government meetings, including the government’s legal advisers, security agency heads and officials, would be required to pass a lie test.

But the broadcaster added that Netanyahu himself is not expected to be tested because he has a pacemaker implanted in his chest.

Shin Bet is cautious

The authorities added that Netanyahu ordered the General Security Directorate (Shin BetResponsible for conducting polygraph tests for ministers.

The agency cited the Shin Bet as saying that while it considered measures to prevent leaks of Cabinet meetings necessary, it had reservations about the wording of the law and requested a meeting with the National Security Council on the matter.

The Israeli government has long complained about government meeting deliberations being leaked to the media.

Israel launched a devastating war in the Gaza Strip 46 days ago as it negotiated a prisoner exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance.agitation) is sponsored by Qatari Americans.

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