North Korea tests ‘underwater nuclear weapon system’ — RT World News

Pyongyang said that testing the weapon would deter “hostile military maneuvers” carried out by Washington and its allies.

North Korea conducted a test of a newly developed missile “Underwater nuclear weapons system” Its armed forces said, describing the move as a response to joint military exercises conducted by the United States, South Korea and Japan.

A military spokesman announced the test in a statement published by the state-run Korean Central News Agency early Friday morning, citing “Provocative military exercises” held on the Korean peninsula in recent weeks.

“In response, the Underwater Weapon System Institute of the Academy of Defense Sciences of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea conducted an important test of the underwater nuclear weapon system ‘Haeil-5-23’ under development in the East Sea of ​​Korea.” The statement added that the test helped develop the Pyongyang test “The counter-position based on underwater nuclear weapons.”

The speaker went on to denounce “military gangsters” In Washington, Seoul and Tokyo “Seriously threatens the security of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea” Warning from 'Disastrous consequences' If they continue their war maneuvers in the region.

Pyongyang conducted several similar tests last year, including a missile “Underwater unmanned nuclear attack boat” In March, which had previously been named “A “Secret weapon.” Unnamed military officials said that a naval drone could be created “radiation tsunami” Using underwater explosions and “Eliminate groups of enemy ships” Without revealing.

It was not immediately clear whether the latest test included a newer model of the same weapon.

Friday's test came amid escalating tensions between the two Koreas, with Seoul holding a series of live-fire war games alongside Washington over the past year despite repeated warnings from the North. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea responded with shows of force of its own, including numerous weapons tests.

Highlighting the growing hostilities, South Korea announced last week that it would cancel a 2018 security agreement with Pyongyang that halted military exercises along the North-South border, citing recent North Korean artillery exercises in the area.

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