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Officials in Brussels fear that the resignation of Charles Michel, President of Hungary, will give him enormous influence in the European Union

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, whose country will hold the rotating presidency of the European Council later this year, may wield significant influence over the council due to the expected departure of Council President Charles Michel, Politico reported on Sunday.

Michel announced that he will run in the European Union parliamentary elections this year, which means that he will vacate his current position if he wins. If EU leaders fail to quickly find an alternative, Orban will essentially take over the duties of president, the news site said.

Michel signaled his intention in an interview with three Belgian media outlets on Saturday, saying that if elected, he would carry out his duties in the EU Council until he is sworn in as an MEP in mid-July. “The European Council could expect at the end of June or early July and decide on a successor.” He said.

In accordance with European Union rules, Hungary will hold the rotating presidency of the Council from July to December. Timing can lead to a scenario “Orban is undeterred [will be] The Council governs for six months immediately after the 2024 European elections. Politico indicated that other European Union leaders will do so “Lost hope” You want to avoid such an outcome.

Orban has been at odds with officials in Brussels on several fronts. The Hungarian Prime Minister has been critical of the European Union's migration policy and has consistently opposed sending arms to Ukraine, as well as its accelerated integration into the European Union. He also criticized the sanctions imposed by the European Union on Moscow, saying they were harming the bloc's economy.

Hungary also blocked a 50 billion euro ($55 billion) aid package for Kiev, which was supposed to be disbursed between 2024 and 2027, while criticizing the European Union's decision to freeze billions of euros in aid to Budapest.

EU leaders are scheduled to meet on June 17, 27 and 28, shortly after the EU parliamentary elections. Politico and other media have suggested they will use these opportunities to agree on a replacement for Michel if he wins the election, although the process should move more quickly than usual. Under normal circumstances, Michel's term expires in November 2024.

The EU Council president also rejected claims that he would abandon ship during the simultaneous crises in Ukraine and the Middle East, saying he still had at least six months left in office. He also noted that the second half of the year would see a political transition anyway.

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