Overreactions, reality check from NFL preseason week 2: Steelers have a top 10 offense? Will the Levi’s Titans make the QB2?

thanks for the NFL After dropping the preseason to three weeks, the second week of the exhibition schedule has become a rehearsal for the regular season (for some teams anyway). Chiefs coach Andy Reid played Patrick Mahomes for a quarter-hour while Mike Tomlin held the Pittsburgh Steelers offense for a few series.

Bryce Young and CJ Stroud played longer than in the pre-season opener, while Anthony Richardson did not play at all. The Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns did not play the majority of their starting linebackers as most of the work was done in their combined practices.

Twenty teams had joint drills in the second week, affecting the amount of work the rookies received in the actual game. Regardless, there have been enough to decipher a few developments from the show’s slate. Which of these reactions are exaggerated and which are real?

Marcus Mariota should be replaced as the Eagles’ No. 2 quarterback

Overreacting or reality: exaggeration

Mariota wasn’t as good in his two preseason games, showing slammed receivers and questionable footwork that led to poor quarterback play. A sandwich between rookie Tanner McKee’s solid pre-season and Mariota’s inconsistency during training camp — adding to the discussion of whether the Eagles should replace Mariota for McKee as the Eagles’ No. 2 quarterback.

Philadelphia has five million reasons (Marriota’s 2023 salary) not to. The Eagles signed Mariota as their No. 2 quarterback so they wouldn’t have to change offense if Jalen Hurts had to miss time. Mariota also has to be better with the Eagles’ first-team players (especially the offensive line) than he is with the second-team.

Mariota should be better, but his job isn’t in danger.

The Steelers will have a top 10 offense in the NFL this season

Overreacting or reality: reality

The Steelers’ offense has been very impressive in two preseason games, specifically Kenny Pickett (9-of-11, 113 yards, 2 TDs, 149.0 rating). This unit has plenty of talent to complement Beckett, starting out wide with George Pickens and Deontay Johnson (supported by Allen Robinson and Calvin Austin III). Pat Freymuth is starting to emerge at very good tight end and Nagy Harris is the start of their comeback with a highly productive second in Jaylen Warren.

The offensive line got much better with the additions of Isaac Cimalo and Broderick Jones (who has yet to start). If Beckett continues to consistently show his progress, this offense will greatly complement the defense.

Of course it’s the preseason, but the Steelers’ first team offense has the potential to be very good.

Overreacting or reality: exaggeration

Although Taylor and the Colts are at loggerheads over the status of his contract (and his trade request reportedly still stands), there is still hope that he will play for Indianapolis this year. Taylor is still continuing his rehabilitation after offseason ankle surgery and doesn’t seem ready to hit the field, adding even more drama to the hit TV series.

The Colts wouldn’t make Taylor the highest-paid player in football and it doesn’t look like they’re willing to give him an extension at this time. Perhaps if Taylor gets on the field he will get the contract he desires or he could offer himself to teams in the hope of making a deal before the deadline.

Whether Taylor wants it or not, his best bet is to hit the field and start for the Colts in 2023. There’s a chance he could be traded before the season starts, but Taylor has to show up and prove he’s healthy first.

Overreacting or reality: reality

While Todd Bowles won’t name the starting quarterback yet, Trask may have clawed his way out of the quarterback job in Week 2 of the preseason. Trask’s numbers were good (20-of-28, 218 yards, TD rating, 109.0), but most of those stats were overshadowed late on when John Walford was forced out of the game with a neck injury.

Baker Mayfield didn’t come into the game to take pictures, Trask did. Mayfield didn’t play at all, along with a few notable Pirates players on both sides of the ball.

Trask could have confirmed he deserved the starting job with a better first-half game, but on Saturday Pre-season game He showed up to tell who the Buccaneers’ starting quarterback really is.

Overreacting or reality: reality

Willis played the entire preseason game for the Titans this weekend, yet didn’t do much to “earn” the #2 quarterback job. He finished 10 of 17 for 85 yards with a touchdown, an interception, and a 67.0 passer rating. He missed a third down pass in the end zone while his yardage per attempt was only 5.0.

Willis still struggles with throwing, but adds an extra dimension to his running game (11 carries, 91 yards). Even with a year of experience, Willis didn’t explain why he should be the No. 2 quarterback on the Leafs.

The Giants have no choice right now as Levis has a lower body injury, so Willis is the No. 2 quarterback. Levis needs to get 30+ snaps and throw the football consistently in order to knock Willis down. The Giants drafted him early in the second round for a reason.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba will win Rookie of the Year

Overreacting or reality: exaggeration

There’s no denying how impressive Smith-Njegba has been in the preseason, and specifically what he’ll add to the Seahawks offense. Smith-Njigba had a 48-yard reception on catch and run that was within a yard of a touchdown (Seattle scored on the next play), with Eric Scott not having much of a breakaway on reception.

Smith-Njegba will be dangerous in NFL In year one, however, it would be difficult to put together consistent numbers with Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalfe with him widely. The Rookie class also includes Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, CJ Stroud and Pejan Robinson – all of whom are expected to play important shots and set numbers for their teams. Jordan Addison and Zay Flowers are also in this class.

Is Smith Njegba the dark horse of the award? Sure, but it would be hard for him to win her over.

Daniel Jones will throw for 4,000 yards this season

Overreacting or reality: exaggeration

Jones certainly has a better set of weapons on the New York Giants this season, as evidenced by last week’s preseason game. He finished 8 of 9 for 89 yards and a touchdown (4-yard pass to Daniel Bellinger), however what his passes have been able to do is that Jones will be able to be more aggressive in 2023.

Darren Waller is a massive upgrade at tight end, while Jalen Hyatt has shown his threat on the field that the wide receivers lacked last year. Paris Campbell can be counted on in the slot and Isaiah Hodgins remains consistent. Darius Slayton remains a solid wide receiver while Jamison Crowder and Sterling Shepard provide excellent depth. Wan’Dale Robinson is also a promising player after returning from injury last season.

Why can’t Jones throw 4,000 yards? Last year was arguably his best season, as Jones averaged just 200.3 yards per game on a career high of 6.8 yards per attempt. Unless Brian DaPaul makes major changes to his offense in favor of Jones, the quarterback probably won’t put up those numbers.

Jones would also have to play all 17 games averaging 235.3 yards per game to accomplish the feat, the latter he never did (Jones would have played all 17 games if the Giants hadn’t clinched a playoff berth before the final week). It all comes down to how Daboll uses Saquon Barkley, but 4,000 yards is a stretch for Jones until his coach proves otherwise.

Not turning the football around and winning matches is the most important thing anyway.

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