Palestine Center: Israel is using the digital sphere as a weapon in its “war of extermination” in Gaza | News

The Palestinian Sadar Social Center said Israel was using the digital sphere as a weapon in what it called a genocidal war against Palestinians. GazaHe added that social media platforms continued to try to cover up war crimes being committed against civilians in the Palestinian Strip.

In a report released yesterday, Monday, titled “Social Media Policies as Part of Genocide Policies: The Most Prominent Violations Observed,” covering the period from May to June last year, the non-governmental center noted an escalation in digital violations and Israel’s attacks on the privacy of Palestinian users and their data.

The report detected new blocking attemptsGenocideIn Gaza, digital images and scenes documented the tent massacre carried out by Israeli forces on 26 May and the Nusserat camp massacre on 8 June, through the Meta platform.

He noted that removing documentary footage poses a danger at a time when Israel faces international accusations of genocide, as the legal team relies on documentary visual material on social media platforms as basic material to make its legal arguments.

The report touches on the persistence of digital bias and digital aggression against the Palestinian narrative on social media platforms, noting that more than 1,300 incidents of digital aggression occurred across platforms in the past two months.

The Palestinian Center expressed concerns that the Israeli army would obtain data from users of the “WhatsApp” platform in Gaza and use it to provide data for the “Lavender” artificial intelligence system to kill Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The report talks about Israeli security leaking information and personal data to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and using it to blackmail people, threatening them with publishing photos and personal information if they don’t contact him.

Palestinians try to get internet service during the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Israel (Europe)

Constant incitement

In the same report, the Sadda Society Center said Israel continues to incite Palestinians and Palestinian supporters around the world and focuses on calling for genocide in the Palestinian territories. Bank of the Westparticularly in northern regions, and using terminology that confirms the intent to exterminate.

The Palestinian Center added that Israel has imposed a digital blockade on the Gaza Strip for more than 20 years, destroying communication networks during each aggression against the Strip, the most recent of which destroyed more than 60 percent of communication and Internet networks during the war, which has lasted for nine months.

The report noted that residents of the Gaza Strip were living in “digital darkness” due to the disruption of communication networks, meaning that emergency committees and ambulances could not be contacted to treat the wounded and recover missing people under the rubble.

The Palestinian Centre called for the intensification of urgent efforts to end the humanitarian and digital blockade of the Gaza Strip and for the immediate delivery of all medical needs, food, water, fuel and communications equipment.

Since the outbreak of the war, the Palestinian Telecommunications Company has repeatedly announced the suspension of its fixed and mobile Internet services in the Gaza Strip.

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