Palestinian doctor: Northern Gaza is experiencing a “political famine” and children in the north are at risk

Dr. Saeed Salah, Head of Nutrition Records at Patients’ Friends Charity Hospital, said Scan Gaza Strip They all suffer from malnutrition to varying degrees and stressed that the situation in the north is catastrophic as 700,000 Palestinians live in “political famine.”

He added in a humanitarian window broadcast on Al Jazeera that all residents of the Gaza Strip, especially those in the north, suffer from malnutrition to varying degrees and have lost weight to varying degrees due to a lack of basic food.

Salah stressed that the media highlights those who are breathing their last breath, and this phase should be avoided in the first place, noting that 70% of the northern population (about 700,000 people) suffer from mild malnutrition, 20% are severely malnourished, and 10% are severely malnourished, most of whom are children.

He explained that the Patients’ Friends Hospital admitted up to 150 malnourished children every day, adding that there was a strong demand from citizens for the hospital and it was forced to admit these cases.

The Palestinian doctor said that thousands of people are seeking help but the situation makes it impossible for them to find a solution because there is simply no basic material, except flour and salt, and he stressed that the world needs to intervene politically to end this situation and make a decision.

The death of six-year-old Hikmat Badr brought the number of children who have died from malnutrition in the war to 41, while at least 50 children are suffering from famine in the northern Gaza Strip.

According to Palestinian medical sources, about 200 children in the Gaza Strip are suffering from symptoms of malnutrition.

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