Palestinian killed by occupation bullet in West Bank amid massive invasion News

A young Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces as occupation forces raided the Al Arub camp north of the city of Hebron at dawn on Monday as part of multiple attacks on towns and cities. in the west bank.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a brief statement that Israeli forces handed over a martyr who fell in the Arub camp to forces in Hebron.

Witnesses reported that Israeli forces chased and opened fire on a Palestinian vehicle near the Arub camp, injuring one of its passengers, while occupying forces arrested another Palestinian in the vehicle.

Witnesses said the army detained the wounded Palestinian for several hours before handing him over to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, where he was later pronounced dead.

storms and arrests

Occupation forces attacked several West Bank towns at dawn on Monday, most notably the cities of Ramallah, Tulkarem, Jericho, the Farah refugee camp near Tubas, and Salfi The towns of Tebidiya, Masa and Karawa in the province, according to local Palestinian sources.

Israeli forces launched an arrest operation that injured many Palestinians, including a university student from Ramallah.

According to the Red Crescent, clashes broke out between occupying forces and dozens of Palestinians in the Farah refugee camp, and Israeli forces used live ammunition against civilians, injuring one Palestinian.

The Palestinian News Agency reported that Israeli occupying forces also attacked the city of Jericho and the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp in the southwest of the city yesterday.

The report quoted local sources as saying that occupying forces attacked Jericho, attacked the Katf al-Wad neighborhood, and surrounded a residential building in the neighborhood, with reports that one of the residential apartments was attacked.

Local Palestinian sources also reported that the occupying forces also attacked the Jabul camp in Aqabat. Confrontations broke out in the camp and the Israeli occupying forces opened fire indiscriminately.

Since October 7 last year, there has been a wave of tension and confrontation between Palestinians and Israeli occupying forces in the West Bank, especially during the Israeli incursions into West Bank towns.

Since October 7, the number of martyrs in the West Bank has increased to more than 200, and some 2,800 people have been injured, as tensions and confrontations continue to escalate, coinciding with continued Israeli bombardment of the West Bank. Gaza Strip.

Israel’s fierce war in Gaza has left more than 13,000 Palestinians dead (most of them women and children) and more than 30,000 injured.

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