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Many Palestinians say they will “never forgive” Israel for its military action in Gaza, according to a poll

A large majority of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza say they do not envision a future in which they can coexist peacefully alongside Israel, according to the survey results.

The densely populated Gaza Strip has been subjected to unprecedented bombardment for more than five weeks as part of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge for a ceasefire. “Eliminate Hamas” In response to the cross-border attack by the armed group on October 7.

But amid signs of a growing erosion in international support for Israel’s military response, which aid organizations say is exacerbating an already alarming humanitarian crisis in the besieged enclave, a large majority of Palestinians indicated they would not be able to. “forgive” Israel for its actions.

According to a poll of Palestinian opinions conducted by the Arab World Center for Research and Development (ORAD), about 90% of participants believe that “coexistence [with Israel] “It’s becoming increasingly impossible.” Due to the extent of its military action in Gaza.

The poll, conducted from October 31 to November 7, also found that 98% reported that they would do so. “Never forget and never forgive” Israel.

At least 11,500 people have died in Gaza since October 7, Palestinian health officials said on Wednesday, adding that 4,710 of them were children and that 200 medical workers had also died as a result of Israeli artillery, air strikes or ground attacks. About 1.6 million people, or about 70% of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million, have also been displaced, the European Council for Refugees and Exiles said on Friday.

Israel said last week that about 1,200 people, most of them civilians, were killed in a Hamas incursion last month, after lowering previous estimates of 1,400 deaths.

Elsewhere in the Awrad poll, 100% of respondents said there was no “safe space” In Gaza, while 65% see the Israeli attack as an attack “War against all Palestinians” And not just against Hamas.

It also found that nearly half of people, 48%, said their homes were destroyed or partially damaged and that 90% supported a ceasefire. 91% of respondents said that they do not trust the information provided to them by the Israeli army.

The survey was conducted through personal interviews with 688 Palestinians. Awrad said that his sample included people from different social and economic backgrounds, and their representation was equal between men and women.

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