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Dr. Kevin Canard, an expert in movement disorders, met with President Joe Biden's personal physician in January.

A neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s disease has visited the White House at least eight times since July, according to publicly available visitor logs. Doubts about Biden’s mental and physical health have dominated the American media since his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump last month.

According to records last updated earlier this month, Dr. Kevin Canard of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center traveled to the White House eight times between July 2023 and March of this year. Subsequent visits, if any, will be disclosed at a later date.

Records show that Canard met seven times with Megan Nasworthy, the White House liaison to Walter Reed. On Jan. 17 of this year, Canard met with Biden’s personal physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, a cardiologist, and another unidentified person.

Canard was also a regular visitor to the White House during Biden's tenure as vice president, making 10 trips there in 2012. It is unclear whether he visited the White House during Donald Trump's term, as the Trump administration has not disclosed visitor records.

Less than two months after Canard and O’Connor met, Biden underwent his annual checkup at Walter Reed. In a letter issued after the checkup, O’Connor noted that the president had received an annual checkup. “Detailed neurological examination” who came with “There are no results matching” O'Connor did not say whether Biden had been screened for signs of dementia.

Conservatives have long asserted that Biden is in poor cognitive shape, pointing to countless videos of the 81-year-old losing his train of thought, shaking hands imaginary peopleand remember recent conversations with long dead In addition, a large number of Democratic donors and liberal pundits suddenly called on the president to suspend his re-election campaign in the wake of last month's debate with Trump.

During the CNN-hosted showdown, a pale and visibly flustered Biden struggled to complete his sentence, despite spending a week at the presidential retreat at Camp David preparing for the event.

Asked last week if Biden was suffering from “Alzheimer's disease, any form of dementia, or degenerative disease,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre responded “no.” Jean-Pierre added that the cognitive assessment was “Unsecured” In Biden's case, the president himself has also ruled out such a test, telling ABC News on Friday that he is proving his fitness by “world management” every day.

Parkinson's disease can cause tremors, poor balance and a distinctive gait, as well as cognitive impairment and memory loss, according to the National Institute on Aging on its website. According to the National Institute on Aging, The New York Times, “A group of neuroscientists” They said they noticed some of these symptoms in Biden during his public appearances, but were unable to diagnose the condition without examining the president in person.

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