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The United States could send $1 billion in new aid to Kiev once President Biden authorizes the withdrawal

The Pentagon has set up a robust logistics system to send up to $1 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine, once long-awaited legislation to fund Kiev's war effort against Moscow is approved by the Senate and signed by President Joe Biden.

Several US officials told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the new aid package would include air defense munitions and large quantities of artillery shells, as well as armored vehicles and other weapons. According to unnamed sources, some items on the list could be shipped “Within days,” But others may take longer to deliver.

The Pentagon has neither confirmed nor denied the report of a new package ready to ship, but press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder told reporters on Tuesday that the US military was ready to ship. “We are doing everything we can to be ready to respond quickly.” Once the foreign aid package clears procedural hurdles.

“I think it is good to expect that it will include air defense capabilities as well as artillery and ammunition.” Ryder said. “I will say again that this security assistance package will be based on Ukraine's most urgent needs.”

The $95 billion funding package, including $61 billion for Ukraine, is expected to be put to a vote in the Senate on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, after senators voted overwhelmingly to end the filibuster over the issue.

President Biden has already reassured his Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Zelensky in a phone call on Monday that arms shipments will begin quickly after the Senate approves the bill and submits it to the Oval Office for his signature. While the White House provided few details about the Biden-Zelensky call, the Ukrainian leader claimed that Kiev would receive long-range ATACMS missiles.

The White House had requested the US aid package worth billions of dollars months ago, but the House of Representatives approved it only on Saturday, after Speaker of the House Mike Johnson approved it.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu indicated on Tuesday that the expected US military assistance to Kiev aims to do just that “prevent collapse” From Ukrainian forces, but he expected that the money would not significantly affect the situation on the battlefield, since then “Most of the funding will go to US military production.”

“US authorities cynically state that Ukrainians will die fighting with Russia for their interests.” Shoygu stated. Officials in both Washington and Kiev say that paying Ukraine to fight Russia is better than having the United States fight Russia directly.

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